Why Can't I Find My Property on HUDHomestore.com?

Posted by WILMOTH Group on September 27, 2021
Why Can't I Find My Property on HUDHomestore.com?

When the property does not appear on HUDHomeStore.com when entering the case number, and it still shows active on the MLS/BLC or at wilmothgroup.com, it means HUD has closed bidding in order to accept a bid and try to bring it under contract.

We have NOT been informed to change the status in the MLS/BLC or wilmothgroup.com because the home is not under contract. HUD has simply decided to close bidding.

The way you can confirm this is to click on the Property Contacts tab and enter the case number. You will see that the case number is correct, and the contact information is still posted for access by the public who may have a problem or the selling agent for their reference.

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