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You own a home, but do not live in it. You are the non-occupant owner. An investor. WILMOTH Group has been serving investors since 1994. Our focus is to “find a way.” That means finding the best way for our investors to enjoy the best outcomes from their investment property. For our residents, it means being truly treated consistently and fairly by local people with your best interests at heart.


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Accepting A Co-Signer May Speed Up Your Leasing Process

It is not uncommon that a rental applicant does not meet the landlord's criteria for acceptance.  When that occurs should the landlord issue a denial or ask if the applicant has anyone willing to serve as a co-signer? Many landlords do not want to ask about a cosigner, or even consider an applicant who has […]

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Truths & Myths About The CDC Declaration Halting Evictions

Hopefully you have not experienced a tenant presenting you with the CDC Declaration halting an eviction.  While the order that first created this option occurred in September 2020 to run through the end of the year, it appears possible it will now be extended.  Effectively, this order provides tenants protection if they are not paying […]

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How To Handle Personal Property In A Forced Eviction

What happens to a tenant’s personal property after an Indiana eviction is enforced?  Sometimes a tenant does not follow the court order to return possession to the landlord by a certain date.  When this occurs local law enforcement is brought in to force the tenant to leave.  A locksmith will change all the door locks. […]

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