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You own a home, but do not live in it. You are the non-occupant owner. An investor. WILMOTH Group has been serving investors since 1994. Our focus is to “find a way.” That means finding the best way for our investors to enjoy the best outcomes from their investment property. For our residents, it means being truly treated consistently and fairly by local people with your best interests at heart.

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Four Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Attract Great Tenants

Your rental portfolio is a business.  Businesses run best when they have a set of objectives and goals the owners wish to accomplish.  When reviewing the purchase of rental homes, do you consider what the tenants want?  More importantly, what the great tenants want?  There are some simple things you can do to attract great […]

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Reduce Risk Exposure With the Right Endorsements

Property managers may be just as liable in a insurance claim situation as the owner of the building they manage.  Both the property owner and the manager want to reduce risk exposure.  Not surprisingly,  claims will often be filed naming any entity who has been involved directly or indirectly with the property. All parties don't […]

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New Inspection Process Solves Issues Due To the Pandemic

In the beginning the word we used most often was coronavirus (before COVID and Pandemic).  At that time the WILMOTH team realized the advent of "stay at home" orders was going to create many new challenges for property management.  Over the last few months, we were in a great place to make slight pivots to […]

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