Rental Registration Requirements for Crawfordsville, Indiana

Rental Registration Requirements for Crawfordsville, Indiana

For property owners and landlords in Crawfordsville, Indiana, navigating the local rental registration requirements is crucial to ensure compliance with the city’s ordinances. At WILMOTH Group, we understand the importance of staying informed about these regulations to effectively manage your rental properties. This article provides an overview of the rental registration law in Crawfordsville, Indiana, as outlined in Ordinance 34-2016, adopted by the Crawfordsville Common Council.

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Understanding Crawfordsville’s Rental Registration Law

The City of Crawfordsville has implemented a rental registration law to ensure that all residential rental housing units within the city limits meet safety and habitability standards. This law is a proactive measure to maintain the quality of housing and protect the welfare of tenants.

Who Needs to Register?

If you own rental real estate in Crawfordsville, it’s mandatory to register each property used as a rental unit. This applies to all landlords, regardless of the number of properties or units you own.

Registration Timeline and Process

All rental units must be registered annually with the Planning Department by January 31st. If you acquire a new rental property, you have 30 days from obtaining the title to complete the registration. Registration is considered complete once you’ve filled out the Rental Registration Form and paid an annual fee of $5.00 per property.

Importance of Individual Property Registration

It’s important to note that each parcel of property with a rental unit requires separate registration. This means if you own multiple rental properties, each must be individually registered and the fee paid for each one.

Inspection Requirements

A critical component of the ordinance is the inspection requirement. Each rental unit within Crawfordsville is subject to an inspection at least once every five years. This inspection is vital to ensure that the rental unit adheres to fire and building codes, thereby confirming its legality and safety.

Obtaining an Inspection Certificate

A completed registration does not automatically imply that your rental units are legal and safe according to fire and building codes. To confirm this, you must obtain an Inspection Certificate post-inspection. This certificate serves as your proof of compliance with the city’s safety standards.

Why Comply?

Compliance with this ordinance is not just about fulfilling a legal requirement. It’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of your tenants and maintaining the quality of your investment. Moreover, non-compliance can result in penalties and potentially jeopardize your ability to legally rent out your property.

Navigating the rental registration requirements in Crawfordsville is a straightforward but essential process for landlords. At WILMOTH Group, we encourage property owners to stay ahead of these requirements to ensure a smooth, compliant rental experience. By adhering to these regulations, you contribute to maintaining high standards of living within the community and protecting your real estate investments.

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