Meet the Team at WILMOTH Group

Meet the Team at WILMOTH Group

Meet the WILMOTH Group Team

Joel Wilmoth

Founder & Co-Owner

Joel is the founder and co-owner of WILMOTH Group since 1994. He is a Realtor, Indiana licensed real estate broker, and proud member of the NARPM. Joel also reports to Jennifer Wilmoth, his life and business partner for many, many years.
Joel is a snowbird and does his best to avoid cold weather and snow. Outside of the office, he values family and always put his duties as a husband and father first. He also receives companionship and business consulting from a dog named Buddy. After having raised five children, I am enjoying watching them all excel in their chosen paths in life.
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Joel Wilmoth - Founder & Co-Owner at WILMOTH Group

Jennifer Wilmoth

Team Lead & Co-Owner

Say hello to Jennifer Wilmoth. Jennifer is the team lead and co-owner of WILMOTH Group. She has an extensive background in real estate, including being a Realtor, licensed real estate broker in Indiana, and active member of the NARPM.
Family is everything and always comes first for Jennifer. Her duties as a wife and mother take priority over everything in her life. Outside of the office, you can find Jennifer working her hardest to maintain an active Amazon account. When she grows up, she plans to spend a lot of time in the sun and being a bartender on a beach.
Jennifer’s Favorite Post
Jennifer Wilmoth - Team Lead & Co-Owner at WILMOTH Group

Max Richter

VP-Sales and Relationships

Max has been a licensed Indiana real estate broker since 2016 and real estate is truly one of his passions. Being able to assist both renters, investors, and home buyers in finding a home that fits their needs is a wonderful reward in a career. Purchasing or renting a house is one of the most important decisions and investments that someone makes in their life, and being their representative is very fulfilling. Max is also a proud member of the NARPM.

My family, friends, and pups are the most important things in my life. I cherish the experiences and memories I have with those I love more than any possession in the world. My favorite hobby is to play golf and relax at home with my family. I also still play pick up hockey during the Winter months as well.

In his time with WILMOTH Group, Max have learned a lot about both the real estate sale and leasing process. More importantly, he learned the importance of better communication, organization, and leadership skills through his growth within the company over my years.
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Max Richter | VP-Sales and Relationships at WILMOTH Group

Tim Jones

Field Manager

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Tim Jones | Field Manager at WILMOTH Group

Evan Wilbrandt

VP of Operations

Evan has been a part of the WILMOTH Group since 2019. As a licensed Indiana real estate broker, he’s able to help buyers, investors, and renters in a number of different ways, including lease renewals, field inspections, answering resident questions, and helping investors with buying and selling. Evan is also a proud member of the NARPM.

We can continue helping improve the lives of the community we serve by working with residents in tough times but also providing guidance to those who might not fully understand the responsibilities of living in a single family home. We work with various housing agencies who also have similar goals and those partnerships have turned out to be mutually beneficial in many cases.

Continuous improvement is very important to Evan and it’s what is most important in his life. This is important because it can be applied to all aspects of life whether it’s your career, personal life, or hobbies. Outside the office, he enjoys traveling and being active. His favorite hobby, without question, is golf but he also likes to spend time with family and friends.
Evan’s Favorite Post
Evan Wilbrandt | VP of Operations at WILMOTH Group

Morgan Markham

Owner Relations Manager

Morgan is currently the Owner Relations Manager at WILMOTH Group but previously served as the underwriter within the leasing department. She’s had the pleasure of working in the real estate industry since 2018. However, several family members have well established careers in the industry.

I am passionate about real estate because it is a diverse industry that allows me to assist and educate others in a variety of ways so that they have the knowledge and tools to successfully obtain housing and uphold all of the necessary obligations with this type of responsibility.

The most important thing in Morgan’s life is the health and wellbeing of her husband, children, and dog. They are the ones who love, support, and accept her each and every day. They are without a doubt her whole world! Although downtime is tough to come by these days, Morgan enjoys watching the newest series on Netflix, traveling to the beach, date nights with her husband, or working on a home DIY project.
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Morgan Markham | Owner Relations Manager at WILMOTH Group

Yuliana Garfias

Leasing Specialist

Yuliana has been the Tenant Liaison at WILMOTH Group since the beginning of 2021 and in 2024 she moved into a new role as our Leasing Specialist. She’s passionate about real estate because she can help people find the perfect home.

The most important thing in my life would have to be my family and my furry pets. They are the ones that I do everything for. In my downtime, I love to spend it at home relaxing with my dogs and boyfriend. Some of my hobbies are trying new recipes and small projects.

We rely on Yuliana to help all our residents with just about everything they need. She’ll stop at nothing to get our residents the results need.
Yuliana’s Favorite Post
Yuliana Garfias | Leasing Specialist at WILMOTH Group

Kevin Jett

Crawfordsville Branch Manager

Kevin has been working in real estate and healthcare for most of his professional life. He’s been paying for college student housing since 2013.

The most important things to me are my family and the success my four kids have found in college and in their careers. I'm an avid reader, music collector, and soccer fan. I also moonlight as a radio announcer for high school sports in Illinois and Indiana.

Kevin is the eyes and ears of our Crawfordsville and West Central Indiana service areas. He’s responsible for conducting property evaluations and providing resident and community relations. Through his time with the company, Kevin has learned how hard the WILMOTH Group family works and how seriously we take our role in being responsive and caring to both owners and residents.
Kevin’s Favorite Post
Kevin Jett | Crawfordsville Branch Manager at WILMOTH Group

Jason Crist

Maintenance Coordinator

Jason has been working in real estate for over two years now. As the Maintenance Coordinator at WILMOTH Group, Jason has learned that we are a family-style company that truly values strong communication.

I don't have a big family so what family I have I try to keep close to me and my heart. I enjoy camping with my wife and also over the past year I got more into cornhole.

Jason is passionate about making living conditions as good as tenants will allow WILMOTH Group to help. Being part of the community helping it grow will help our business grow and become stronger.
Jason’s Favorite Post
Jason Crist - Maintenance Coordinator at WILMOTH Group

Bernice Castaneda

Billings-Payables Administrator

Bernice has been working in real estate since August 2022 when she joined WILMOTH Group. Although she’s fairly new to the industry, she quickly found a passion for real estate because she enjoys seeing people happy and helping them find the perfect home. As the Billings-Payables Administrator, Bernice has learned a lot about managing utilities and the processes involved in property management.

My daughter is the most important thing in my life. She made me the person I am now. And gives me motivation to keep moving forward.

Bernice spends her time off of work with her daughter and really enjoys crafting.
Bernice’s Favorite Post
Bernice Castaneda - Billings-Payables Administrator at WILMOTH Group

Heath Myers

Leasing Underwriter

Heath is brand new to the world of property management and real estate. But that doesn’t inhibit his desire to help WILMOTH Group give those in need, fair and unbiased housing options.

We have always had a close knit family, and it is inspiring to see my own children grow. Seeing my son start college this year was truly an emotional highlight.

Heath’s two favorite annual events are a family lake cabin trip to Wasatch Lake and a 25 year annual golf trip with 12 guys in northern Michigan.
Heath’s Favorite Post
Heath Myers - Leasing Underwriter at WILMOTH Group

Ayleen Castaneda

Compliance Specialist

Ayleen Castaneda is the Compliance Specialist at WILMOTH Group, where she is excited to work in the field of real estate and help people find their first apartments and homes. She has quickly learned that effective communication and patience are crucial in her role.

The most important thing in my life is my mom because I wouldn’t be who I am and wouldn’t keep going if it wasn't for her. She inspires me to be a great mother.

In her free time, Ayleen enjoys exploring the city and trying new restaurants. Ayleen is dedicated to her job and takes it seriously, understanding the importance of her role in helping people find a place to call home.
Ayleen’s Favorite Post
Ayleen Castaneda | Compliance Specialist at WILMOTH Group

Sherry Jarvis

Accounts Payable and Utilities Specialist

Meet Sherry Jarvis, a dedicated Accounts Payable and Utilities Specialist at WILMOTH Group. Sherry joined our team in early 2023, bringing her expertise in managing bills and utilities to the company. She quickly learned the ropes and discovered WILMOTH Group’s unwavering commitment to customer service, teamwork, and excellence in everything they do.
With a passion for real estate, Sherry understands that buying a home is often one of the most significant financial decisions in a person’s life. She takes immense pleasure in helping people achieve their dreams, whether it’s providing a space for raising a family or creating lasting memories.
Family is at the heart of Sherry’s values, and she cherishes the love and support they share. Although her children live in different states, they remain connected and supportive of one another.
In her leisure time, Sherry enjoys a variety of activities. You might find her at the lake with family and friends, participating in boating and other lake activities, or simply soaking up the sun. An avid reader, traveler, and live music enthusiast, Sherry also has a soft spot for anything related to the beach.
Sherry is proud to be part of the WILMOTH Group family, where she contributes to improving the lives of those in the community through the company’s dedicated real estate and property management services.
Sherry’s Favorite Post
Sherry Jarvis - Accounts Payable and Utilities Specialist at WILMOTH Group

Matthew Balmer

Assistant Field Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the home building and real estate industry, Matthew Balmer brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role as Assistant Field Manager at WILMOTH Group. Matthew’s journey in real estate began more than two decades ago, inspired by the fundamental need for everyone to have a place to call home and the understanding that maintaining a home is an ongoing process.
At the heart of Matthew’s life is his family, whom he considers his everything and the driving force behind his dedication and hard work. In his downtime, Matthew enjoys practicing martial arts and staying physically fit, attending his stepdaughters’ travel softball games, and spending quality time with his girlfriend and their beloved dog, Rainy.
As Assistant Field Manager at WILMOTH Group, Matthew has expanded his knowledge in property management, an area that was new to him. He has gained valuable insights into various aspects of property management, such as rekeying and leasing processes. Matthew’s experience and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the WILMOTH team.
At WILMOTH Group, Matthew is committed to improving the lives of the communities the company serves by ensuring that all properties are clean and well-maintained. This not only enhances the neighborhoods but also contributes to maintaining a positive reputation that attracts new residents.
With his extensive experience in real estate and unwavering passion for helping others, Matthew Balmer is a vital member of the WILMOTH Group team. His dedication to his family, his work, and the communities he serves is truly inspiring.
Matthew’s Favorite Post
Matthew Balmer | Assistant Field Manager at WILMOTH Group

Nicolas Hutchins

Assistant Field Manager

Nicolas Hutchins is the latest addition to the WILMOTH Group team, bringing his fresh enthusiasm and expertise to his role as Assistant Field Manager since October 2023. His passion for real estate stems from a deep-rooted love of working with people, a trait that shines through in his professional interactions and commitment to creating meaningful connections in the industry. Nicolas’s dedication to his work is matched by his strong family values, which he cites as the most important aspect of his life, providing him with unwavering support and inspiration.
Away from the demands of real estate, Nicolas enjoys a rich and diverse personal life. He spends his downtime engaging in activities that reflect his dynamic and creative spirit. Whether he’s spending cherished moments with his fiancé, teaching martial arts, or expressing himself through dancing and singing, Nicolas embraces a life full of passion and diversity.
In his role at WILMOTH Group, Nicolas has quickly adapted to the multifaceted nature of property management. He skillfully handles essential tasks such as move-in, move-out, and lease acceptance inspections, contributing significantly to the team’s operations. Nicolas is committed to enhancing the lives of the communities WILMOTH Group serves, driven by a firm belief in the importance of making tenants happy and providing top-notch customer service. His approach is not just a professional obligation but a reflection of his desire to positively impact those around him.
Nicolas’s Favorite Post
Nicolas Hutchins | Assistant Field Manager at WILMOTH Group

AmaRie Jenkins

Resident Relations

We are thrilled to welcome AmaRie Jenkins to the WILMOTH Group as our Resident Relations Specialist. Bringing over a year of real estate experience and a rich background in customer care, AmaRie’s journey in the industry was inspired by her father, a general contractor with more than two decades of experience. Her early involvement in assisting with customer care honed her innate ability to understand and address client needs effectively.
AmaRie’s passion for real estate is deeply rooted in her belief that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home. She is committed to helping individuals find the right home that aligns with their needs and budget, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience throughout their journey. For AmaRie, family stands at the forefront of her life, shaping her understanding of what makes a house a warm and welcoming home.
In her role at WILMOTH Group, AmaRie excels in handling tenant-related issues, leveraging her keen listening skills and problem-solving abilities to enhance tenant satisfaction. Her dedication to the job goes beyond routine responsibilities, as she actively works to improve the lives of the communities we serve, applying her knowledge and skills to make a tangible difference. AmaRie’s enthusiasm for reading, art, and education further enriches her approach to resident relations, bringing a unique perspective to our team.
AmaRie’s Favorite Post
AmaRie Jenkins | Resident Relations at WILMOTH Group
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