LISTEN: Property Owner FAQ - What is Buildium?

We know how important it is for property owners to access payments, documents, and fees. As a client with WILMOTH Group, you can keep track of important information 24/7 through our platform, Buildium. WILMOTH Group co-owner Joel Wilmoth explains how Buildium is used by Owners, tenants, and WILMOTH to maintain real-time information that provides transparency […]

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LISTEN: Property Owner FAQ - What happens after you sign with WILMOTH Group? Part 1

WILMOTH Group is ready on Day 1 to manage your property. Morgan Markham, Owner Liaison and Intake Specialist at WILMOTH Group, details our seamless onboarding process for property owners and their tenants. Morgan: Once your property management agreement is signed, we begin the onboarding process, the signed property management agreement comes to an intake team member like […]

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Cash Flow Maintenance- Or How WILMOTH Improves Your ROI!

When you hire a property manager there are many possible objectives.  One of the most important reasons to hire a property manager is because you believe they will provide services that will improve your return on investment (ROI).  The return from your investment begins and ends with cash flow maintenance and improvement.   Making a statement […]

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WILMOTH Inbox- Can I Make Rental Applicants Pass A Drug Screening Test?

From our Inbox- questions from rental owners who may be self managing or under management with WILMOTH or another company. Dear WILMOTH, I've had a lot of problems with tenants in my duplex.  Lots of complaints of people coming and going and loud parties at all hours.  Then apparently, one side was arrested for possession […]

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Is Inflation Back? Is That A Bad Thing?

The news came in this week that US consumer prices jumped in June the most they have in 13 years!  When oil and gas prices are excluded (core inflation) prices are rising at the largest rate in 30 years!  The concerns about inflation are beginning to be real as goods and services are increasingly expensive.    […]

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WILMOTH Group FAQ: What happens when you partner with WILMOTH Group

As a partner with WILMOTH Group in Indianapolis, you have access to some of the most experienced professionals in the industry for property management services. We work with you from the very beginning to ensure you have the proper documents and other essential information to ensure a smooth transition.  Joel Wilmoth, owner of WILMOTH Group, […]

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What Is Hard Money?

Real estate investors turn to several different funding sources when they have found an acquisition opportunity.  Some use all cash (which may be conglomerated from several different investors) and some use bank financing.  Many investors consider using hard money.  Just what are they talking about when discussing the use of hard money? Hard money is […]

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What Happens With A Request for Early Termination of A WILMOTH Lease

Life changes for tenants.  And it is often not conveniently tied up to align with the end of a lease date.  When a tenant needs to request early termination of a WILMOTH lease we offer a simple plan.  A plan that is built on the concept that this early termination will not harm the owner […]

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Cleaning Gutters Will Save You Headaches

Gutters have a very important job in keeping your rental property safe.  But they also are often overlooked.  Cleaning gutters regularly will allow them to do their job and protect your property.  In this article we are going to provide insight as to why cleaning gutters will save you headaches. What Are Gutters Role? Gutters […]

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Owner Managed Repairs With WILMOTH

Owner managed repairs occur when a rental owner has their own contractors they wish to use on their property.  Or when an owner believes they can save money by not using the property manager services.  Many property managers forbid owner managed repairs because of the coordination issues and potential liability placed upon the manager with […]

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