Posts from January 2018

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HUD May Agree to Pay These Closing Costs

When preparing line 5 of the HUD Sales Contract, you will be able to request up to 3% of the bid amount for closing costs over and above those to be paid by HUD.  These closing costs can include most costs associated with a buyer obtaining financing or closing the transaction. 

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Leasing Agents Hear Some Amazing Things

Every now and then something happens where a leasing agent is perplexed with the amount of information some potential tenants are willing to share.  As these questions and statements occur, we update this post to share with anyone who wants to be amazed, and confused.

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What If You Suspect Your Rental Is Abandoned?

A tricky issue in property management is how to determine a property is abandoned?   Unfortunately, abandonment is usually not so simple as a home left broom-clean with keys sitting on the counter.  Abandoned properties usually look like a home that you could come home to..with evidence that nobody is coming.

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