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You have a lot to think about as a renter—starting with location and price. But another huge consideration is who is actually behind the property you want to rent, because your long-term satisfaction will depend on the quality of the property management you experience.
As your landlord, we guarantee a much better renting experience than you’ve ever had! When you rent a house, apartment, or property from WILMOTH Group, you can rest easy knowing that:

How to Find Rentals & Apply Online

Looking to apply for a Indiana rental from WILMOTH Group? Well, you’ve come to the right place. See below for details about our application process and please review our frequently asked questions before applying. Once you’re ready to get started, click the Find & Apply button below to find your next home and apply online.
After you apply, please check your email frequently for additional requests for information and responses to your application. All communication related to your application will be handled through email.

Rental Requirements

Rental Requirements
A credit report will be pulled. There is no minimum credit score requirement. The credit score is reviewed as a part of the entire application with no one number disqualifying an application.
Income will be verified. The applicant(s) total confirmed net income should be at minimum 2.5x rent. If income cannot be verified a co-signer will be required.
If you have a cosigner, the cosigner must meet all the qualifications. Having a cosigner does not guarantee approval.
Previous rental history will be verified. Unpaid rental debt or an eviction within the last 5 years will disqualify the application.
Criminal background checks will also be completed. Any applicant with a felony conviction within the past 7 years will be denied. Landlord reserves the right to deny an application for any felonies, regardless of conviction date, related to convictions of fraud, theft, distribution of controlled substances, assault, battery, violent crimes, crimes involving children, or if the applicant has ever been convicted of a sex crime.
Any bankruptcies must be fully discharged to qualify.
All occupants 18 and over and any co-signer must complete the application.
The application fee is $50 per occupant (18 and over) or co-signer.
Application fees are non-refundable.
Pets are also screened using The charge is $20 per pet unless applying with a certified assistance animal. If you claim your animal is a certified assistance animal, please be prepared to submit documentation. Based on the screening you will be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee (range=$250-$350) and a monthly pet fee (average range is $25-$40).
Other applications may exist for the property you are applying for. The most qualified application will be approved.
We do not hold rentals until the application is approved and a deposit payment is made. If the deposit is not made within two days of notice of approval, the application will be cancelled.
Move in dates need to be within 30 days of date of application.
If you are not comfortable with anything listed above, please do not apply.

Pet Policies & Screening

We think a welcoming and safe environment is paramount to all of our residents. So, to help ensure all of our residents understand our pet and animal-related policies, we require everyone to complete a third-party screening and review process. This process ensures we have a formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgment from all of our residents.
Use the Pet & Animal Policies button below to complete our pet and animal policy screening.

Resident Portal

Your resident portal is always available, anytime, anywhere. Use the Access Your Resident Portal button below.
Pay Rent

The WILMOTH Group resident portal will allow you to securely pay rent online from anywhere. Set up automatic payments so you always pay on time.


Use our online resident portal to easily send communications to WILMOTH Group at anytime and anywhere.

Renter's Insurance

Easily submit proof of insurance coverage using our online resident portal or purchase a policy, right from your portal.

Report Maintenance

All non-emergency maintenance requests should be submitted online using the Report Maintenance button below. Report maintenance issues as early in the day as possible to insure work orders are taken care of in a timely manner.
What is Considered an Emergency Work Order?
In case of a maintenance emergency, please call (844) 331-2387. This number is available 24/7. If the number is not answered, please leave a message. Messages are constantly monitored.
Examples of Common Maintenance Emergencies:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our applications pull a credit report, verify income and income history, verify current rental and housing payment history, and performs criminal background checks.

There is not one formula that must be met to be approved. The entire application is reviewed and considered in order to make a decision. A common question though is how much income do you need to make to qualify? A simple rule of thumb is we like to see monthly net income of at least 3x the rent.

When you sit down to complete an application, please have available information on your current living arrangements, your employer, children and pets. You will be requested to upload proof of income to include last year’s W-2 or 1099, and the most current year to date pay stub. If you own a pet you will also be directed to to have the pet apply.

Past criminal history that is revealed in the screening will be reviewed as part of the total screening and all factors as above. The only exceptions are violent crimes and registered sex offenders. If you have one of these on your record you should contact us first before applying.

Ready to get started or just want to learn more about making an application?

Please visit for more details on many frequently asked questions about qualification and requirements. You can also get started making your application easily from that page.

Please visit to see what is currently available for rent. Select the Schedule Viewing or Address link on any property listing for more information. From this link, you will be able to view images of the home, review details about the home, and request and schedule a self-showing if interested.

The following is a list of sources of income we will consider in the application approval process.

  • W-2 Income
  • 1099 Income
  • Cash Income-with 12 months of support from bank statements
  • Social security payments

Sources of income that will not be considered for approval:

  • child support
  • unemployment compensation
  • student loans

If one of the ineligible sources is what an applicant considers their income for rent they should be advised a co-signor will be required.

We are sorry, but no. Due to the inconsistency of these forms of payment we can not use them to qualify an applicant.

WILMOTH Group participates in the housing voucher program, known as Section 8, with select properties. Not every property we offer is eligible for these vouchers but many are.

When you search for properties at you can click on any rentals you are interested in and it will tell you if that rental accepts vouchers.

We also publish all of our Section 8 eligible housing at

The application fee is $50 for each applicant (any adult 18 and over who will be residing in the home). When you complete a rental application with WILMOTH Group, you will be asked for a credit or debit card to process the application fee.

We complete a full background screening to include income and rental verification. This fee covers the time and costs associated with processing your application.

Please note before you apply – The application fee is non-refundable

If you have been living with someone, then the next question is were you paying them rent?

If yes – copies of checks and receipts will verify your rent.

If no, then unfortunately you will not have recent rental history. If you rented someplace else in the past we might be able to utilize a verification from that landlord (depending on the time since renting).

Not having a previous rental history will affect one part of the application scoring system we utilize. You may also be able to use a co-signor as an additional option to get around this issue.

Smoking is NOT permitted inside any rental premises or the garage by residents, guests, or invitees. Smoking inside the premises shall be considered a material default under their lease agreement.

Smoking outside the property may only occur outside a perimeter of ten feet from the property. The odor and trash associated with smoking must not be evident either inside or outside the rental property.

A decision can be reached in less than three (3) business days if all verifications are received in a timely manner. Receipt of housing and employment verifications are often the source of delays beyond that period.

Our goal is for any applicant who is approved to be able to move into the home in seven (7) business days. Depending on various factors to complete the move-in process, this period may be longer or possibly even shortened. If you need a home faster than seven (7) business days, please contact us before starting your application so we may confirm if your move-in timeline is one that can be met.

Since the application fee is non-refundable, and if your application is not chosen, you may still use the rental application to apply for other rental units. During the following 30 days, the completed screening will continue to be available for use on different properties. After 30 days, a new screening and application must be completed.

First, do not complete an application if you are using a Section 8 voucher until we have confirmed the home will be available to a Section 8 applicant. The best way to do that is to contact us through one of the many communication methods we offer.

Please understand that we do not approve solely on the fact that an applicant has a Section 8 voucher. We still need a screening completed and the same underwriting that applies to all applicants also applies to Section 8 participants.

You can find everything you need about our application process at Interested applicants can find answers to most frequently asked questions, learn about our pet screening and approval process, provide documents through a secure uploader, and actually complete their application for a rental.

Generally, having a prior eviction is not a good thing for obtaining a rental approval. There are two main factors our underwriters review, as part of their entire review of the application, to determine how relevant a prior eviction is to the overall approval.

1. Time since the eviction

We prefer a period of five (5) years since any eviction. We will review mitigating circumstances associated with the eviction but any eviction less than five (5) years old is difficult to work with. The time factor can be significantly offset though by the next factor.

2. Has rental history been re-established?

What type of referral are we able to receive? Rental history from family and friends is not as powerful as that received from a professional management company or apartment complex. Of course, a clean, trouble free reference will go a long way toward providing added comfort to any previous evictions.

WILMOTH Group has pledged support, to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy, for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Please read our Fair Housing Policy

for details regarding our support and compliance with all Fair Housing laws.

No problem at all. Contact us and let us know what property you are interested in and your concerns that you know will show up in your screening. We will attempt to provide you some feedback prior to you proceeding and making application.

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