Sell Your Home in Central Indiana

Sell a Home in Central Indiana or Florida

Sell Your Investment Property

At WILMOTH Group, we are the experts in the residential investment space. We understand the market and all the major factors at play. In addition, we have a network of hundreds of investors who are always looking to expand their portfolios.

Why Sell with WILMOTH Group?

Thinking about selling your investment property in Indiana? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. From listing to closing, we’re more than just agents. We’re here to help guide you through the process because we care about your happiness and investment goals.

Expert Advisors

There’s a lot that goes into deciding whether or not it’s the right time to sell your investment property. It’s a numbers game, but it’s also a personal decision.
Our expert advisors are here to help answer any questions before you make a decision.


Pricing your property accurately, right from the beginning, is essential to getting the highest return on your investment in the least amount of time.
WILMOTH Group will help you determine the right price for your property.

Listing & Marketing

You’ll want to make your investment property as appealing as possible to buyers. It’s also important to know details about the competing listings in your area.
WILMOTH Group will advise on upgrades and features competing listings are offering.

Active Management

It’s easy to feel like you’re in limbo while your investment property is on the market. What should you do while you’re waiting for offers?
We stay active and we’ll continue to work toward a successful sale.

Ready to sell? Need more info?

Whether you’re ready to sell with WILMOTH Group or just need more information before making a decision, we’re here to help. Please complete the short form below and click Sell With WILMOTH Group. Our team will be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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