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Since 1996 WILMOTH has been utilizing unique, creative, ways to sell residential real estate investment property. The non-owner occupied sector includes corporate-owned homes, bank REO properties, and investor-owned homes. Our creative methods have sold thousands of properties and we are always searching for new ways to expose and sell residential real estate quickly and efficiently. WILMOTH’s investment experience provides for the best exposure and fastest sales of residential properties!
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Selling System

Systems utilized when you list your property with WILMOTH:

Marketing focus on financial performance based on established metrics and data.
Professional team to represent your interests.
Public website integrated with our internal database.
Syndication to over 70 top real estate sites.
Automated notices of status or price changes.
Live Twitter feed with thousands of subscribers.
Centralized showing and feedback system.


Sometimes it just helps to know somebody. As a specialized, real estate investment brokerage and service providor, we have hundreds of clients who consider us their partner. In return, we provide a community of connections to assist their businesses.

The WILMOTH Investor Community give you a distinct advantage when you decide to sell. Let us market you home in a unique way that other real estate investors appreciate. If you are ready to do a little pruning of your portfolio, let us get you connected to the market.

Default Services

The WILMOTH team has served banks, servicers, investors and outsourcers since 1996. Our clients know they can trust us to manage, maintain, value and sell their inventory. Default industry clients keep using WILMOTH because they know our high level of services improve the recovery of their at-risk funds.

Through the years we have handled marketing and management for every major, and many smaller, mortgage servicers. We also are on the team for many corporate, regional and local residential investors in America. Since 1996, we have averaged selling 60-70 default properties monthly and manage 200 or more cases at any one time.

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WILMOTH Group is headquartered in Indianapolis and Fort Myers, Fla. WILMOTH Group focuses on providing creative local solutions for a variety of residential real estate needs including, properties for sale, property management services in Indianapolis, and short-term management services in Tampa and Fort Myers.

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