Posts from February 2017

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Who are These Pests in My Rental Property?

Maybe the better question is what are these pests? No..I am not talking about your non-paying, soon to be evicted, tenants! I am referring to the spiders, roaches, and God forbid termites, that might be hanging around your rental home. Worse yet, your tenants are not telling you about these pests because they assume you won’t do anything.

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How to Avoid Bad Tenants in Indianapolis?

If there is one thing that a rental owner wants to avoid it is bad tenants. Leaking toilets? Broken furnace? These are easy to fix compared to the pain a bad tenant can cause.
As a manager and owner, avoiding bad tenants means never letting them move into my property. There is another side of this issue though and it involves the tenant who becomes a bad tenant. Those situations are the ones that are more challenging. Creating structure so a tenant does not become a bad tenant is crucial.

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