Understanding the WILMOTH Group Maintenance Plan

When choosing a property management company in Indianapolis for your investment, understanding the maintenance plan is critical. What is the process? Will a contractor be called to the property every time there is a call? Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner and broker, explains the process for WILMOTH Group.

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Jennifer: So, we go through, when a tenant reports and needed repair, we go through a whole list of standard questions. For example, if they call and say they have no heat we want to further explore that and say, ‘Okay, is the furnace running and you’re not getting heat out of the register? Or is the furnace not running at all? What is your thermostat set on?’

We have them take pictures, we have them take pictures of the furnace, of the thermostat. So, we can do anything and everything to preclude from having to send in that unnecessary contractor there to repair.

So, we will go through just like as far as plumbing. Why doesn’t your faucet work? So, we’ll run through a whole measure, Does all the water work in the rest of the bathroom? Is it only the sink? So, we will take a variety of those questions and fully, fully, as well as have tenants, we get a very good system that they can easily upload pictures. So, we’ll have them take pictures, we’ll ask questions so that they thoroughly know exactly what the repair is before we would send the contractor out there.

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