How Do I Order Lead-Based Paint Inspections for FHA Buyers?

Posted by WILMOTH Group on September 18, 2021
How Do I Order Lead-Based Paint Inspections for FHA Buyers?

For homes built prior to 1978, with owner occupants using FHA financing, a lead-based paint inspection may be requested. The steps involve ordering, performing lead-based paint testing, remediation if needed, and payment.

The process begins when a HUD contract, that indicates FHA financing will be used, is accepted and ratified by HUD. The Asset Manager will initiate a work order to the Field Sales Manager (FSM) to inspect for any lead-based paint. The FSM will use HUD’s contractor to perform the clearance test and recommend any remediation. For the FHA financed buyer only, HUD will handle the remediation and cost.

This all will occur before closing.

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