How Can My Client Make an Offer on a HUD Home?

Posted by WILMOTH Group on September 21, 2021
How Can My Client Make an Offer on a HUD Home?

As a selling agent, you must work under a Broker who has obtained (and annually renewed) a HUD Name Address Identifier (NAID). First ask your broker for their NAID as it will be required to enter your offer at Confirm that your Broker has renewed their NAID in the last year.

If you are a real estate primary broker and do not have a NAID, here is the link to the forms required and where to return them. Please be careful to include all the attachments required on page 2 of the SAMS 1111 under the column labeled SB.

Please be advised it can take 3-4 weeks to obtain a new NAID number or to have a renewal activated if a year has passed. For this reason, WILMOTH Group offers a referral program to brokers who do not have a NAID number but do have a client wishing to make an offer on a HUD home. Please contact us for more details.

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