Property Meld - Transparency For Our Clients and Residents

In June 2018, WILMOTH Group invested in a new system called Property Meld. Property Meld is a system for the Property Manager, Owners, Vendors, and Residents to administer, document, and communicate regarding maintenance and repairs. The system allows all documentation to be stored and managed in one location. All involved parties receive notifications whenever more communication takes place regarding a specific maintenance or repair.

Benefits provides to all parties by using Property Meld

  • Property Meld allows Managers to track scheduling. Tenants communicate with Vendors through the system. Vendors are accountable for the times set with a Resident for completion of a repair.
  • All communication, through each users preferred method of communication, is documented.
  • Follow-up system that prompts Vendors as to scheduled appointments and allows Residents to rate and review the work performed. This information provides the Manager with feedback on the performance of each Vendor utilized.
  • Ultimately, improved maintenance communication and timely responses is providing your Residents with improved customer service. Better customer service increases the rates of retention, lowering turnover of Residents.

How Does an Owner Use Property Meld?

In the list of parties above, we did not mention Owners. Property Meld is more of a keeping you informed system for Owners. If a Property Manager so chooses, they could exclude Owners from the information available in the system. WILMOTH Group has chosen currently to have all correspondence be visible to the Owner. With that, please note Owners do NOT set up an account. This is a notification system only for Owners. An Owner may reply to a Meld email to become involved in the meld.

Notifications To Owners

When receiving an email notification of a meld, you can scroll to the bottom of the meld and clink a link to adjust your settings. You can choose to receive notifications via text or email. If signing up for text messaging you can respond via text.
You can also opt out from receiving the notifications.

Bids For Approval

Besides transparency, we have elected to include Owners in Melds for two reasons. We will be using Property Meld to send Owner’s bids for approval.

  1. Rehab jobs to review bids and approve or ask questions specific to the rehab job.
  2. Regular maintenance. It’ss important that Owner’s monitor Property Meld notifications so we can get approval quickly and proceed with the repairs.

Emergency maintenance may involve the Meld system providing documentation or notification as typically owner approval is not obtained. Emergency repairs are made to preserve life or property value,
As described above, please reply directly to the Meld email to indicate your approval as Owner. You will still go into (aka Buildium) to submit your funds for the repairs if so requested.

Owner Communication

Please note that when you reply to a meld, depending on the situation, the tenant could be receiving your communication. This will typically be the case if it is an emergency, etc.


Property Meld is another piece of technology that WILMOTH Group is implementing to provide transparency to the Owner and more efficiently and timely manage repairs and maintenance requests. We are thrilled having all the various pieces of a repair housed in one home. Residents and Vendors are pleased with the ease of scheduling and submitting repair requests. We hope you staying informed beneficial also.

Our team continues to strive to be the best and are always looking at ways to be of better service to our Owners and Tenants. We are open to any ideas or suggestions you want to provide.

Update – July 11, 2018

Owners – I wanted to provide an update regarding Property Meld. The implementation of Property Meld has been a little more difficult than we anticipated. The automation of communication has been our biggest hurdle. The purpose of implementing Property Meld was to give tenants a simple and easy way to report maintenance needs, provide total transparency to the owners regarding status of repairs, provide organized communication with the vendors, and housing all related information regarding repairs in one location for us as Managers. All of these goals have been met with the exception of an organized simple way for owners to manage the automated communications. Property Meld does not provide a dashboard for owners. They only provide an automated messaging system providing updates which become numerous. Every time any party communicates regarding a repair, it is sending you an email which has become confusing. All of this being said, we have changed the settings. Owners will now only receive notifications if it is an emergency situation, need approval for a bid or we need to alert you regarding a situation with a repair of your property. 

We as team are constantly striving to better our service to you as an owner and fulfill our mission of total transparency. Property Meld is an excellent tool for us to efficiently and timely manage repairs and maintenance. We apologize for causing any confusion in this implementation stage. We hope going forward with change of settings and you only receiving pertinent information that it will eliminate confusion but still provide transparency. Please feel free to provide any feedback regarding Property Meld or any other aspects of our services as we are always looking for ways to improve.

Again, Many Thanks for entrusting the WILMOTH Team with the management of your investments. 

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