Tenant Responsibilities That Should Be In Your Lease

Your lease agreement should be like a manual for tenants.  Besides the terms of the lease, it should identify the different owner and tenant responsibilities.  For your tenants the focus will be on how they are to take care of your property. It is important that the tenant understands these responsibilities.  When a complaint is […]

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Shared Utility Meters In Multi-Family Properties

One of the common issues investors find when they acquire a multi-family property is shared utility meters.  Sometimes buildings will already have been fitted with submeters which makes charging each unit simple.  But, when the building has single shared utility meters, the owner will need to decide a plan for bringing the building, and all […]

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Owner Maintenance Hub Is Here!

PropertyMeld is the platform that WILMOTH uses to manage the maintenance process. You may be familiar with the PropertyMeld concept of creating "Melds" for each maintenance request.  PropertyMeld did not offer a direct platform for owner's and all communication was completed via email.  That is all about to change with our introduction of the new […]

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Petscreening.com Pet Policies and Amenities Survey

The following is from a press release by our vendor Petscreening.com.  There is an increasing demand for pet-friendly housing.  By utilizing Petscreening.com's services, we are able to identify and properly charge for pets.  We also believe it is very important that our owners and properties are pet friendly with responsible pet owners. PetScreening.com, a first-of-its-kind […]

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Thinking of Selling?

The last year has been a trying time for investors.  As we have faced the challenges with our partners, we also have seen some begin thinking of selling.  There are some great benefits to consider in using your existing partners to assist in this effort. Access To Market Data What is your property worth?  How […]

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Four Easy Steps To Having Great Tenants

So you have placed your new tenant and you can now relax...right?  Or is now the time to really start to worry?  Like many things in life the answer lies somewhere between the two extremes.   Here are six steps you can take to set the odds in your favor that you will have great tenants. […]

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Get To Know Your WILMOTH Lease

This post is designed to give our residents and future residents a quick review of the primary terms of their WILMOTH lease.  Hopefully you will find this easier than reading all the legal details in the lease document itself.  Of course, this post is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the entire lease.  […]

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Payments to property owners

The payment process is often the first question property owners ask when meeting with property management companies. WILMOTH Group is committed to providing timely, accurate payments to property owners based on how their preferences. Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner of WILMOTH Group, provides specific details about how rental payments are transferred to property owners. TRANSCRIPT Jennifer Wilmoth: […]

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Why Choose WILMOTH Group?

Indianapolis property owners have a variety of options when it comes to property management services for one of their most important investments. With so many choices, narrowing down the best property management companies in Indianapolis can be a challenge.  Our team at WILMOTH Group is often asked what makes us unique in this business? In […]

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Responding to property owner questions

Staying connected with property owners is a priority at WILMOTH Group. Our goal is to always respond in a timely manner to any question our property owners have. Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner of WILMOTH Group, shares more about how we respond to questions. TRANSCRIPT Jennifer Wilmoth: As a Wilmoth partner, we try to make it a […]

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