Do You NAID? - HUD's Name Address Identifier

Ah, the famous NAID. Not the “Native American Indian Dog”, or the “North American International Demoparty” or even the “Non-Anemic Iron Deficiency.” No the NAID I refer to is nothing more than HUD’s “Name Address Identifier.” Most importantly, you have no business showing HUD homes unless your broker has one!

Why You Need a NAID if You are Going to Show a HUD Home

I run into this on average twice a day. Agents showing HUD homes with no access to an NAID number. So, the buyer decides they really like the house and the agent says, “Great! Well now I just have to find somebody who will submit an offer for you.”
Yes, I have heard all the arguments. “Why does HUD require you to register with them?”, “Is it so hard to get one?”, ” Does it take so long to get one?” Look I do not make the rules, but why do we have to complete a lot of paperwork to get a real estate license or join a Board? Licensees do those things with very little complaint. But, get registered to sell HUD homes? Oh, and did I mention it is FREE!

The facts are this. HUD homes are only available for bid at Brokers, followed by their agents, must be registered at To be registered the Broker must have a NAID. To get a new NAID it can take 6-8 weeks. The steps to the process along with a way to check the status of a NAID are here. NAID’s have to be renewed annually.

What are You Going to Do When You Don’t Have a NAID and Your Buyer Wants to Bid?

Every agent who discovers that they made a mistake and showed a HUD home to a buyer who now wants to make an offer, with no access to a NAID, contacts our company and requests we submit the offer for them. Simply, when we do that we become your buyer’s agent with all attached responsibilities and liabilities. We will pay you a referral fee for assisting us in the transaction. That is the best offer I have for you.

Don’t Forget-Annual Renewals Are Required!

One other tip, use to be brokers would get a renewal letter, from the local HUD contractor who administered the NAID program, that their NAID needed to be renewed. This is a annual process. It is now handled through HUD. I am not aware of anybody receiving letters. Your broker’s existing NAID will expire and you will not be able to make offers on HUD homes. It takes about two weeks to get a renewal. Tell your broker (or if you are the broker make a note) that the existing NAID package needs to be reviewed and determined when last approved. Then mark on a calendar somewhere at least 30 days prior to that annual renewal date to complete an updated package for submittal as per these instructions.

HUD homes make up a significant portion of the housing inventory today If you claim to be a full service agent, then don’t spend another day showing HUD homes without a NAID.

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