What happens after the WILMOTH Group onboarding process?

What happens after the WILMOTH Group onboarding process?

As a property owner with WILMOTH Group, you receive personalized service from the very start. Our experienced team is available to guide you through every step of your onboarding process – and beyond. After onboarding, it’s important to have the appropriate forms and understand our owners’ portal. Lacy Clark provides details about what happens after onboarding for property owners at WILMOTH Group.

So after you’ve been onboarded, most likely by Jennifer or Joel, then your PMA is signed and passed to me after your PMA is signed, I review it and I start putting you in the systems of different platforms that we utilize. Buildium is one of our main platforms, and that is where you get your individual owners portal, and I can go into that a little bit later. But the big part of that is, is that you will have access to all of your information as far as leases, payments, subtractions to cash, additions to cash, your accounting 101, tax information, bills, etc.

All of it will be at your disposal at any time once we get you set up in these portals, I will also take care of your 1099s, your W9s and get your rental owner sheet over. This rental owner sheet really gives us your specific information about what it takes to get your disbursements and what it takes to have us contact you. So this is your address, your phone number, your email, everything that we need to make sure that we can communicate with you about your properties constantly. And so once I put everything in, I am the first one to touch the files, so to speak, and I then disperse it to wherever it needs to go.

If you have a vacant property, we need to make sure that it’s rent-ready or we need to check it out for repairs so that we can get it listed as quickly as possible. If you have an occupied property, then what I’m doing is I’m making sure that we make contact with your tenants, make sure that they know how to pay rent. That is number one. We want to make sure that their leases are in, their ledgers, their security deposits, make sure we have keys to the property. We like to have keys at all times to all of our properties. This is for a lot of safety concerns, but also to protect us. We should be able to make access, should ever need be, into each of the properties that we manage.

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