Thinking of Selling Your Indianapolis Investment Property?

Thinking of Selling Your Indianapolis Investment Property?

The last year has been a trying time for investors. As we have faced the challenges with our partners, we also have seen some begin thinking of selling. There are some great benefits to consider in using your existing partners to assist in this effort.

Access To Market Data

What is your property worth? How is the market in the zip code where it is located? A licensed brokerage has access to the most market data to help you obtain the best return.

What About Your Tenants?

Your existing property manager, can coordinate with tenants and other agents the showing and inspections. A unrelated third party will be viewed with skepticism by your tenants. This can create complaints and non-cooperation-making it harder to sell.

So, no, you do not need to wait until your home is vacant to sell. In fact, if your home is a likely rental home, selling it with tenants and management in place should give you the best results!

Something Else About Your Tenants..

If you are thinking of selling, who should you start with? The homes current occupants! Your property management partner is in the perfect position to convey interest and the capacity of your tenants for a possible sale.


If your tenants, or another party, needs some seller assistance, using an investment brokerage will help. If your property manager offers investment brokerage, they will have the expertise to create, and have professionals document, a sales transaction that is not so traditional. Often, these types of deals can produce the highest return on the sale.

Access To Investors

Your property management partner will know who is buying when you are thinking of selling. Working daily with real estate investors in your market is a key benefit to utilizing their services for selling your property.

Preparing The Property For Sale

Your property manager is familiar with the history, maintenance and condition of the property. They can provide guidance as to what needs to be done to yield the highest return for the sale.

Realtor Network

If your property manager is also a Realtor, then they will be a member of the MLS listing cooperatives. Having access to thousands of other Realtors through the MLS/BLC services will put your property in front of more eyeballs than any other method.

In conclusion, all of the above are considerations when you are thinking of selling. Hopefully it does not surprise you to learn that your friends at WILMOTH Group meet all the criteria above. 

So, if you are thinking of selling, talk to us first. Let us serve as your investment partner and together find your next solution!

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