How Does WILMOTH Group Protect Your Investment Property?

How Does WILMOTH Group Protect Your Investment Property?

Ensuring the maintenance of your property is a primary goal at WILMOTH Group. Our contractors are vetted thoroughly to ensure the highest level of service to tenants. Max Richter, operations manager at WILMOTH Group, explains more about our protocols as part of our property management process.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how WILMOTH Group will help protect your Indianapolis investment property.

Max: 24/7 home protection in regards to repairs ensures that you as a property owner, and as well as for the safety of the tenants that we’re able to tend to, essentially any emergency that is reported to us. Good examples of those emergencies would be an active roof leak, not having heat to the property, hot water. And, most recently, especially in the winter, we run into situations where pipes might freeze or tenants are without running water.

So it’s important to keep in mind when choosing a property manager having someone in a service that we provide that offers emergency 24/7 care. We have designated vendors that are assigned to these emergency work orders, so when a tenant calls in to our 24/7 hotline, they are are able to quickly diagnose the issue, assign it to a vendor that has been notated as an emergency vendor that is willing to take those work orders. We might not be able to immediately rectify the issue, but we can prevent further damage. For instance, an example would be if a roof is actively leaking, we might not be able to get that roof replaced that evening, but we would be able to tarp the roof or something of that nature. So, when we’re talking about 24/7 home protection, we are able to provide that sense of security that the home will be protected and that we’ll be able to rectify any emergency issues that are reported by a tenant.

And we take those calls 24/7, including holidays, weekends, nights, and whenever they’re able to report them. But all the contractors that we work with we establish relationships with when they first come to us, we certainly vet them. First of all, through the referencing process. We do ask to see photographs and proof of jobs that they’ve completed in the past and we will touch base with those clients they’ve previously worked with. We also ensure that we keep updated information such as licensing and insurance on all of our vendors to ensure in the rare case of an emergency that might have been caused by a vendor or an issue that might present itself that they are properly insured and licensed so we can take the proper measures to rectify the issue.

If it’s a mistake and the repair is completed, or something of that nature, we are able to utilize those resources such as insurance in the case of those situations. But all of our vendors come to us highly recommended. We establish relationships with them. And these are contractors that we utilize in our employees’ personal homes as well. So we trust them fully. And we also QC (quality control) all of the repairs. So once a larger repair is completed, we go by the property ourselves and make sure it’s completed in its entirety. And we hold our contractors accountable for the high standard that WILMOTH Group requires for all of our contractors.

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