Project Managers To Protect Your Interests

Does your property need a little refreshing?  Or is it not habitable?  No matter the extreme, WILMOTH Project Management Services will provide you the solution to bring the property to market!

A professional manager who offers Project Management services will be able to manage and resolve all of your expectations for your property.  A Project Manager  oversees bidding, selection and work flows to ensure a quality remodel.  Most importantly, your Project Manager is a fiduciary for your investment funds.

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Owner's Representative

WILMOTH serves as the owner’s objective representative. We are there to protect your best interest and the project. WILMOTH works with the owner to identify objectives relative to budget, quality, and timeliness of completion.

Our project team will advise the owner on the best path to success for their project. We provide realistic and reliable scopes of work and final bids to the owner for their approval.

Manage Project Costs

Through our network of experienced vendors and contractors we offer the benefit of volume. We annually are providing millions of dollars of income to our contractors and vendors. Our quality control reduces potential for poor workmanship.

The opportunity to save through these relationships usually is in excess of the cost of our 10% fee.

One Point of Communication

Centralized communication means less confusion and a better project outcome. Using WILMOTH as your project manager eliminates wasted time and money with duplicative or confusing scopes or field instructions. The Project Manager through their centralized point of communication will optimize the construction schedule for the fastest completion possible.

Why Some Contractors Won’t Work In Property Management

Project Management

One of the biggest challenge property managers face is finding and retaining great contractors. The nature of the maintenance and contracting business is such that if you are good, word gets out and you get real busy. The busier you are the higher you have to price your work until you are not as busy.  It is a never-ending cycle.

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Duty To Avoid Foreclosure

The Rental Owner’s Duty To Avoid Foreclosure

Project Management

About ten years ago we frequently learned one of our owners was in default. The owner was collecting the rent proceeds and not paying their mortgage payment. Fortunately, this issue is not as common today.  Occasionally it does still occur and the problems created caused us to take action.  It is recommended that a well written property management agreement (PMA) addresses the issue of foreclosure.  The suggested clause to be created in a PMA is the owner’s duty to avoid foreclosure.

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Advantages of Using A Project Manager For Your Rehab

Project Management

A project manager is a beneficial partner for investors in bringing their property into marketable condition.  Utilizing the experienced property manager for this service is smart due to the shared vested interests of both parties.  It also coordinates objectives instead of using different partners with potentially conflicting interests.

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Hiring Contractors

Hiring Contractors Can Make You Hate Owning Rentals

Project Management

Investors who self-manage may decide to do so because they believe professional property managers simply perform the following services.

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Defective Chinese Drywall Repair Protocols Stir Up Controversy

Project Management

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and HUD have stirred up some controversy by siding with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) that not all electrical wiring in a home with defective Chinese drywall needs to be replaced. 

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