What happens after you sign with WILMOTH Group? – Part 2

What happens after you sign with WILMOTH Group? – Part 2

Transparent communication begins at the start of your agreement as a client with WILMOTH Group. Morgan Markham, Owner Liaison and Intake Specialist, explains the onboarding process.

We will begin sending you forms to fill out so that we can gain important information about you, your entity, and your properties. This will come in the form of a rental owner information sheet. We ask that you complete this promptly and return it back to us so that we can ensure that all of your records are up to date and that we can perform action items promptly and effectively. This information will also contain tax information that will allow us to properly make disbursements and distribute 1099 tax forms at the end of the year.

If you have a vacant property, we will inspect your property at the beginning of our management term to determine if it is rent-ready or if there is anything that needs to be completed in order to match our habitability standards. If it is an occupied property, we visit with the tenants and we provide them with an introductory packet that allows them to learn more about our company and how we will effectively manage their home, as well as how they can make rent payments and report maintenance items.

We also give your tenants a refrigerator magnet, which will provide them with contact information so that they can ensure that they will be able to contact us at any time. After all of these steps are completed, the onboarding process is completed and at this time, the owner and tenants will feel comfortable and happy with their transition to WILMOTH Group. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you through the onboarding process and beyond.

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