All About the WILMOTH Group Owner Maintenance Hub

Owner Maintenance Hub Is Here!

PropertyMeld is the platform that WILMOTH Group uses to manage the maintenance process. You may be familiar with the PropertyMeld concept of creating Melds for each maintenance request.

In the past, PropertyMeld did not offer a direct platform for owners and all communication was completed via email. That all changed when we introduced the new WILMOTH Group Owner Maintenance Hub.

The Owner Maintenance Hub is a big part of our vision to increase trust between WILMOTH Group and our owners. Beginning with best in class communication, as well as other critical tools, it will ensure our relationships will remain incredibly robust and transparent.

With our Owner Maintenance Hub, we hope to take our customer service to the next level. We understand that maintenance is the number one contributor to a difficult relationship between WILMOTH Group and our Indianapolis property owners. The Owner Maintenance Hub creates a best-in-class property owner experience by providing the right amount of transparency, access to communication, approvals and maintenance histories in one location.

With access to the Owner Maintenance Hub, property owners will be able to:

  • View the details of all current and past maintenance activities.
  • Review and act on approval requests that are critical for resident renewals.
  • Effortlessly communicate directly with you via text, chat and email.
  • Manage email and text notifications to stay on top of what matters to them.

In the Owner Maintenance Hub, owners are able to manage approval requests, chat on Melds, change notification preferences, and update user information.

Invitation and Registration

Once WILMOTH Group has invited the owner to their Maintenance Hub, the owner will have to accept the invite and register the account.

Owner Approval Requests

In the Owner Maintenance Hub, owners have an Approval Requests Dashboard. This dashboard allows owners to view and manage incoming approval requests all in one place.


The Owner Maintenance Hub provides a simplified way for owners to manage, respond to, and start new chats on Melds. In addition to the Messages Dashboard that displays all new incoming chats, every page of the Maintenance Hub has a quick link to the chat window. The chat window displays all previous chat history on the particular Meld and allows the owner to compose new or respond to messages. Chat notifications will display on the Messages Dashboard until cleared.


The Owner Maintenance Hub Notifications page allows owners to customize the notifications for various actions on Melds and notification delivery methods.

Owner User Information

Through the Owner Maintenance Hub, owners will be able to view and manage their personal information as needed. Information such as name, email address, password, phone numbers, time zone, and notification preferences can be changed anytime by the owner.

Please be sure to contact us with your questions and feedback.

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