Finding great tenants for rentals is a multi-part process. We start with identifying the likely renter and building marketing of the property to match the tenant. 

In some communities, a sign is all that is needed. In others, signs may not be allowed. Often word of mouth through the real estate community of a great rental is an important part of the process. Most importantly though, a recent study indicates that over 90% of potential renters begin and continue to use the internet to find current homes available for lease. 

At WILMOTH Group, we know that our marketing must include signage and word of mouth marketing, but those traditional methods of advertising properties for rent are now in addition to the most powerful method of internet positioning. While most people may be able to place an advertisement on certain websites, few owners or even people involved in real estate have access to the massive amount of websites where WILMOTH Group places home listings. Over 75 marketing sites now will include your home for lease!

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