How Does WILMOTH Group Handle Damage Judgements?

How Does WILMOTH Group Handle Damage Judgements?

WILMOTH Group will pursue damages judgements as part of every eviction action. If an owner experiences unpaid rent or damages with no eviction, they will have the opportunity to have us file for a damages judgement at a cost of approximately $300.

Damages judgements are calculated by WILMOTH Group completing a security deposit settlement statement. Indiana allows 45 days after taking possession for this statement to be completed. The statement will show the following:

Unpaid Rent + Damages – Security Deposit = Damages

Damages + Legal Fees = Total Judgement Requested Against Former Tenant

We then turn over these judgements to a collector. The collector operates within the standards of collection law. Depending on the background information we have on the tenant (tenants we do not place often we do not have much to work with) a garnishment may be requested against the former tenant’s wages. The judgement at minimum will stay on their personal records for seven years.

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