How does Buildium work? A Walkthrough from WILMOTH Group

Posted by WILMOTH Group on September 22, 2021
How does Buildium work? A Walkthrough from WILMOTH Group

Access important documents, payment history, and reports through Buildium, the owner portal for WILMOTH Group. Lacy Clark, a team member at WILMOTH Group, explains more about the platform and its value as we manage your property.

Buildium is our owner portal, so this gives you real-time reports at the tip of your fingers whenever you need it. And we have several owners that are out of the country, a lot out of state. And so this will give you that real-time reporting, no matter where you’re from, what time you’re looking at it, what time zone you’re in. And what you’ll do is you will log in to the Buildium portal and you will be able to see everything that you need from accounting to your tenant traffic, whether they’ve paid rent, how much they’ve paid rent when they paid rent, or their lack of paying rent. It will also show you the detailed billing on any of your invoices, anywhere from repairs to utilities to how much you paid in management fees. And then, of course, you have your accounting one-on-one. This is called your rental owner’s statement. And I would say is hands down the most important report that you have on your portal. And what this shows is every security deposit held, every time you had rent, as well, paid, and then it has your subtractions to cash, your additions to cash and your overall accounting for your available for cash and that available for cash, I think, is what is most important to owners, because that’s what they’re being paid.

That is what we are going to pay out between the 10th and the 14th of each month. And then I would say to go a little further on that, that when they see those funds available, which are available on their ledger, on the front page of their portal, that if you have open repairs, you know that money is in there, even though it may not be dispersed that month and you can go back and you can look at your utilities and look at your bills and then communicate directly with us if you have any questions from there on out.

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