How do monthly disbursements work?

How Do Monthly Disbursements Work?

We normally close out books for a month by the 14th of the following month. At that time, you will receive an email from the system informing you of the disbursement and its amount.

If you do NOT receive notice via email that you are receiving a disbursement it is due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your tenant did not pay their rent at all.
  2. Your tenant paid their rent on line and the ACH has not cleared.
  3. There is a repair hold on your account due to repairs in process.
  4. Your tenant did pay their rent but the expenses of the property exceed the income of the property currently.

If you go into your owner portal, there are two reports that can assist you in resolving the reasoning behind not receiving a disbursement. The report button is in the top right hand corner of your home screen.

A. The Tenant Report will provide when they paid, how they paid, and how much they paid. If you see EFT by how they paid this would reflect that potentially your tenant’s payment is still in process. EFTs are taking longer than usual. Currently it is averaging 5 to 7 days to hit our account from the date the tenant submits the payment.

B. The Rental Owner Statement will provide you the cash flow of the property, an income statement, and the details to support each. You need to change the effective date to the date of the disbursement in order for it to reflect the timing of the disbursement. Be sure to check the boxes income statement and transaction details when running the report. The line on the Cash Flow report that is labeled AVAILABLE FOR PAYMENT is the amount that is disbursed.

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