How do I document the condition of my home at tenant move in?

Posted by WILMOTH Group on October 13, 2021

The tenant move in process allows us to make every effort to demonstrate and document the condition of your property. We also stress to all owners that a home should first be in move-in condition so this process is one of demonstrating and not documenting. Nevertheless, there are likely to be items found during the move-in. The tenant should be made to feel comfortable that reasonable items found in the first week should be reported. Unless it is considered move-in damage, the tenant should feel comfortable that the owner will repair the item and it not be considered their responsibility or potentially something to be offset with their security deposit.

Most importantly, the move-in inspection allows for documenting the condition of the home. We keep this record, along with photographs we take prior to the move-in to have an accurate representation of the condition of your home before we give the keys to the tenant.

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