Owner's Distribution Schedule

When you own investment rental property, your returns are measured in cash flow and appreciation.

WILMOTH will provide management services with a goal of providing the owner regular, dependable, cash flow.   How do we provide cash flow maintenance?  With documented and reliable systems.

Cash flow is generated from rent.  Rent is paid by tenants.  WILMOTH will be selective and choose a tenant that will pay and pay on time.  If a problem arises, we will move quickly to remove the tenant and find another one to eliminate down time.

As those monthly rent payments are received, we systematically process your funds and deliver them to you each and every month.  Electronically to your designated bank account to speed up the process.

WILMOTH processes the receipt and accounting of funds the same way every month to follow this distribution schedule.

1st - 5th of month- Management Fees for previous month are applied

5th- 10th of month- all outstanding bills on properties are paid

10th to 13th of month- final review of each owner's statement

By the 15th of the month- Monthly distributions are electronically sent to each owner's bank account.

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