WILMOTH Group - Why Choose Us for Property Management?

Indianapolis property owners have a variety of options when it comes to property management services for one of their most important investments. With so many choices, narrowing down the best property management companies in Indianapolis can be a challenge.  Our team at WILMOTH Group is often asked what makes us unique in this business? In addition to being local, and family-owned with decades of industry experience, WILMOTH Group is committed to personalized, transparent services.
Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner of WILMOTH Group, shares more of what makes us stand out among other property management companies in Indianapolis.

Jennifer Wilmoth:
We try to be very transparent to the owner, and we feel like you need to give you the tools to monitor your investments and be transparent. So, you see everything we see. You have accounting up to date to the day. Any types of repairs, all inspections, photos. We try to be extremely transparent to you as the owner, and I think that is somewhat unique in this industry, and especially locally, that if, for example, if you have a repair done to your property, it is not a marked-up invoice.
It is the actual invoice from the contractor that has completed the repair. If we do an inspection, you’re going to see the good, bad, and ugly. You’re going to see pictures. Most of our inspections contain hundreds of pictures that are all shared in your own portal. So transparency and transparency are our operandi to you as the owner as well as we are a family-owned business. So we work as a team. We care about you as a partner and treat you as a member of our family.

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WILMOTH Group is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. We focus on providing creative local solutions for a variety of residential real estate needs including, properties for sale, property management services in Central Indiana.