Responding to Property Owner Questions

Staying connected with property owners is a priority at WILMOTH Group. Our goal is to always respond in a timely manner to any question our property owners have. Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner of WILMOTH Group, shares more about how we respond to questions.

Jennifer Wilmoth: As a Wilmoth partner, we try to make it a priority to respond to you very timely and accommodate all your needs and questions. We do have an owner liaison and a tenant liaison, that that is their sole purpose is to ensure that you get timely responses to any questions or needs.

We try to respond to all emails and phone calls within the same business day as they come in at the end of the day, and we do also have respect for different time zones. So, we try to accommodate and get timely responses within those time zones, such as the west coast or internationally.

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WILMOTH Group is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. We focus on providing creative local solutions for a variety of residential real estate needs including, properties for sale, property management services in Central Indiana.