WILMOTH Group Updates - July 25, 2020

Posted by WILMOTH Group on July 25, 2020

Covid Still Dominates

How many of us thought we would still be this affected by COVID heading into August? Clearly unprecedented, if you were an optimist you likely had better hopes for the summer months.  Instead, here is a sample of the news in Central Indiana over the last few days.
Indiana requires wearing a face mask in public 
White House warns Indianapolis must take aggressive action on COVID
Indianapolis closes bars, restaurants and social gatherings..again
So much for the hope that warmer weather would chase off the COVID-19 virus.  It increasingly looks like warm weather makes no difference as it sure has been hot and humid here lately!
Many owners are wondering about the rental assistance programs in Indy and the state.
IndyRent.org is still temporarily suspended and wait-listing potential applicants.
IndianaHousingNow.org is still accepting applications.  This is the program for tenants outside of Indianapolis-Marion County.
As of today we have not received any confirmed approvals or funds from either program.  As we said last week, if your tenant applies and is approved we will let you know.

Selling..and Buying

We have several owners trying to make big decisions about their portfolios.  Some are looking for new opportunities and some are choosing to wait out COVID on the sidelines.  Either way…a reminder that when WILMOTH says we are your partner…that means for not only management but also acquisition and liquidation.  Reach out today to us by phone (317) 622-5027 or Owners@WILMOTHGroup.com to schedule a discussion if you are considering making changes.
Please Stay Healthy and Safe!

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