How much does WILMOTH mark-up repair and maintenance services?


Frankly, there are two basic models of property management companies.

1. Contractor Offering Management Services

One type of company is truly a contractor offering property management services.  Their revenues are based on the ongoing need for maintenance and repairs at the homes they manage.  They serve as your vendor for anything to do with your home and you pay the manager's prices for their repair and maintenance charges or renovation work.

2. Manager Facilitating Maintenance With Other Services

The alternative is your manager serves as your advocate to provide maintenance, repairs and renovations at the true market value.  Often you benefit from below market pricing due to the long-term relationship and volumes of business your manager refers to these vendors and contractors. The bids and receipts for payment are available for your inspection.  The process is transparent.  The manager is paid through their management fees or in the case of a vacant home, a separate agreed fee for overseeing the process.

WILMOTH-Finding Solutions While Serving As Your Fiduciary

We believe in transparency and serving as our clients advocate.  We also do not think a system that motivates the manager to perform potentially unneeded repairs and maintenance is in the best interest of the owner.  Therefore WILMOTH will always serve as your fiduciary and find solutions based on your best interests.  Bids and receipts are posted and available for your inspection.  We use trusted vendors who have worked with WILMOTH for many years.  Our fees do not increase by providing maintenance and repairs to your occupied home.

Of course, it is the owner's choice what type of manager they prefer.  We just like prefer being transparent as we allow our potential partners to decide.

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