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Indianapolis Residential Leasing

WILMOTH Group has been a leader in Indianapolis area residential leasing for over 20 years.  We are your local, family owned choice for Indianapolis leasing services. Our comprehensive marketing programs make it simple for potential tenants to find your rental. Review our flat fee, per unit, pricing with no fees due until a lease is signed!

Indianapolis Leasing Areas Served:

  • Indianapolis Marion County to include Lawrence and Beech Grove
  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Noblesville
  • Zionsville
  • Brownsburg
  • Danville
  • Mooresville
  • Avon
  • Greenwood
  • Shelbyville
  • Greenfield
  • Anderson

LEASE Your Property With WILMOTH

Over 20 years we have learned a lot about leasing residential real estate. While the way renters find homes today has significantly changed, the need for comprehensive screening before agreeing to a lease is greater than ever. Ask WILMOTH to find your next tenant and relax. We will find the best solution to your vacancy issue.

So you want to find a tenant for your home, and want to find them fast?  But, you have a family to spend time with, a career that keeps you busy, and enjoy an occasional golf game?  We understand..and that is why we exist.  Using WILMOTH to locate your tenants will allow you to enjoy your life and remove the worries associated with leasing.  How do we do all of that?

Comprehensive exposure of your home to our proven successful contact points with tenants.

73 different websites where tenants are going to find a new home.

Screening all applicants with a professional, licensed, third party provider of these services.  Our applications include thorough background checks to include credit, employment, criminal and previous rental history.

A comprehensive lease prepared by legal counsel, and improved annually.  Our lease will cover almost every situation you could run into as a landlord.

Also, please take a look at our management services for a complete turn-key package to keep those weekends and evenings open after we find your tenant.

When you need home leasing services, where do you turn? There are many options, and many promises. There are many considerations to find the right tenant and find them quickly. WILMOTH Group has mastered a system that provides for a successful leasing process. Our services will allow you to feel comfortable with leasing your home or property.  We will find the highest quality tenant to keep expenses low and cash flow as expected!

It all begins with a no obligation free analysis of the home’s marketability, with a projection of the profile of an expected tenant. We will then review comparable leasing statistics and the current competition to advise you as to the best rental range to produce a tenant in 30 days or less. If you are then ready to get started, we implement our “Four Step Tenant Finder” program to rental success.


Utilizing our proven track record for locating tenants, we customize a plan for your property. We start with a full set of photographs. Images tell the story the best! We load up our website with images of your entire property and help potential tenants decide if they want to take the next step of a tour.

Common tools utilized for finding tenant leads include basics like signage, but a more custom strategic plan. This plan coordinates an internet marketing plan specific to your home. The internet marketing plan is currently the most successful for finding results quickly. It coordinates the appearance of your home on over 70 different websites with a specific focus on tenant targets. An example of what 20+ years of marketing homes gets you is our customized URL program. All properties are given a unique web address using their street address. This very specific URL web address is picked up by the search engines and brings renters to our site when all they can remember is a street where they found a home. This unique marketing has even helped our clients find tenants who started out searching for a different home but stumbled upon theirs!

Your potential tenants are on the internet…you should be too!


Finding tenants is not difficult. But, finding “good” tenants is. We conduct a thorough investigation of potential tenants. Learn more about our thorough applicant screening process. .

We are committed to finding you a profitable tenant! Ask about our “Eviction Protection Guarantee” that will protect you if we make a bad rental decision.


WILMOTH Group will create the right lease for the situation. Whether it is a simple lease for one year, or a custom situation, we can handle it.

We can also arrange for creative leases that incorporate your personal real estate goals, such as leases with options to purchase. With all of the WILMOTH services, our clients have the power to make a selection of services desired instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.


We will supervise your rent collections and post notices for those that are late. We will enforce your lease and coordinate with legal representatives in the unlikely event of an eviction. Exterior and interior Inspections of your property are conducted three times a year. A complete report of these inspections is sent for your comments, guidance and direction.

Here are some common questions about WILMOTH Group services.


What if a tenant is placed in my property and they quickly need to be evicted?

As hard as we attempt to screen all applicants (with credit, employment, previous rental and criminal history reports) there are no guarantees that your new tenant has a history that predicts future performance. When all of our screening is not enough, and we evict a tenant within the first six months of tenancy, WILMOTH protects our owner clients with an EVICTION PROTECTION GUARANTEE. Simply, after the eviction is completed, WILMOTH will NOT charge a new Finder Fee to locate a new one!

We want to avoid evictions at all costs. We offer this GUARANTEE to move a lot of the risk from our clients to us if the tenant does not work out. It also means we have skin in the game, with you, in selecting the best tenants. Learn More

How do you screen for tenants?

WILMOTH utilizes the most thorough screening process in the industry to determine the approval of tenant applicants.

Interested applicants are directed to our screening/application website to determine if they want to proceed. Once they elect to make application the entire process can be completed on-line from the site. Most of the criteria can be reviewed for consideration within 24 hours.

The screening is a combination report compiled through computer databases and human interaction. Each applicant is reviewed for their credit history-to include FICO scores, eviction history and past residence checks, employment and wage confirmations, and state and national criminal database checks. We then utilize this information and apply it to an approval matrix to determine the level of acceptability of a tenant. If the matrix tells us to approve a tenant, we contact the owner with a brief description and confirmation.

This thorough screening method has allowed our eviction rate to be one of the lowest in the industry (less than 5%). We also offer an Eviction Protection Guarantee to all of our management clients.

How will WILMOTH find a tenant for my rental?

Finding great tenants for rentals is a multi-part process. We start with identifying the likely renter and building marketing of the property to match the tenant. In some communities, a sign is all that is needed. In others, signs may not be allowed. Often word of mouth through the real estate community of a great rental is an important part of the process. Most importantly though, a recent study indicates that over 90% of potential renters begin and continue to use the internet to find current homes available for lease. At WILMOTH, we know that our marketing must include signage and word of mouth marketing, but those traditional methods of advertising properties for rent are now in addition to the most powerful method..internet positioning. While most people may be able to place an advertisement on certain websites, few owners or even people involved in real estate have access to the massive amount of websites where WILMOTH places home listings. Over 75 marketing sites now will include your home for lease! A sampling of these sites include:  

What if it is discovered that a tenant is violating their lease?

Unfortunately, tenants break leases. A couple of questions are reviewed when this occurs.

Is this a great, good, or bad tenant?
Does the tenant realize they are violating the terms of the lease?
If the tenant is a great or good tenant, they may not be aware they are violating the lease. If they are a bad tenant the lease violation may be the straw that breaks the lease!

We occasionally have to place tenants in our "Behavior Modification" program. The idea with this program is that a great or good tenant needs to be put on notice of their lease violation and given a chance to fix the problem. Bad tenants do not qualify for this program.

Examples where behavior modification may be used are making random lease payments, not paying late fees, unapproved pets in properties, or using the back yard as additional parking.

With behavior modification we will:

Notify- give the tenant notice that there is a lease violation and determine a path to resolution.
Implement-implement the resolution plan with a strict deadline for remediation.
Inspect-to determine if the remediation was successful
The reason behavior modification is only offered to great and good tenants is nine times out of ten it will be successful. With bad tenants, there is such a low probability of success, rarely is it worth trying to remedy. The path taken is to include the violation in the eviction.

We believe in tenant behavior modification and will work with all parties to make it a success!


Ready to rent your home or property? Let's schedule a time to talk. The experts at WILMOTH Group have more than 25 years of experience in property management in the Indianapolis area.

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