What if you find out my tenant is violating their lease?

Tenant-behaviorUnfortunately, tenants break leases.  Several questions are reviewed when this occurs.

Is this a great, good, or bad tenant?

Does the tenant realize they are violating the terms of the lease?

If the tenant is a great or good tenant, they may not be aware they are violating the lease.  If they are a bad tenant the lease violation may be the straw that breaks the lease!

We occasionally have to place tenants in our "Behavior Modification" program.  The idea with this program is that a great or good tenant needs to be put on notice of their lease violation and given a chance to fix the problem.  Bad tenants do not qualify for this program.

Examples where behavior modification may be used are making random lease payments, not paying late fees, unapproved pets in properties, or using the back yard as additional parking.  With behavior modification we will:

  • Notify- give the tenant notice that there is a lease violation and determine a path to resolution.
  • Implement-implement the resolution plan with a strict deadline for remediation.
  • Inspect-to determine if the remediation was successful

The reason behavior modification is only offered to great and good tenants is nine times out of ten it will be successful.  With bad tenants, there is such a low probability of success, rarely is it worth trying to remedy.  The path taken should be to include the violation in the eviction.

We believe in tenant behavior modification and work with all parties to make it a success!


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