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WILMOTH Group has offered Indianapolis property management services for over 25 years! As your local, family-owned Indianapolis property manager we offer ethical and transparent property management and leasing services.

By implementing the latest technology WILMOTH Group provides a list of blue ribbon services for our Indianapolis property management clients.  Owners improve their net returns, and experience, when they select WILMOTH Group.

WILMOTH’s combination of family, ethics, transparency, technology and affordable fees are the solution for your Indianapolis property management and leasing needs. Please review the information below and take 30 seconds to complete the form to allow us to get back to you. Together, our family would love to help yours.

We have always stressed transparency and ethical operations. From the beginning, back in 1994, our founder wanted his family name on the business to convey trust and responsibility. We can’t hide from our responsibilities and duties behind some name that does not identify WHO we are! Our Indianapolis property management services are locally based. WILMOTH is not a franchise with a national program for managing your uniquely local properties.
There are many real estate agents, brokerages, and national franchises that offer property management services in Indianapolis. It takes more than just a top search engine listing purchased through your national advertising budget to be considered an expert in Indianapolis property management services. WILMOTH is well-regarded in the investment property management and leasing industry because of our experience and home-town approach.

WILMOTH Indianapolis property management provides our clients:

  • Experience
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Technology
  • Blue Ribbon services

Over 20 years we have learned a lot about how to be the best property management company in Indianapolis. This is what WILMOTH offers our clients with a desire to never stop improving!

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Why WILMOTH For Your Indianapolis Property Management Needs?

As you compare WILMOTH to other companies, let us quickly point out some differences.

Team:  When you select WILMOTH for your property management and leasing needs you hire our whole team..not just a single manager.  In addition to your Property Manager, you also will work with your personal Account Representative and your Account Bookkeeper.  Along the way, you can expect there are other members of the WILMOTH team that ensure our promise of providing a full-time management team.

Three Simple Fees-Management/Rental/Renewal: WILMOTH Group offers a unique, simple, flat fee structure that will save you money and not leave you surprised with various junk add-on fees commonly experienced at other companies.  These fees are based on your collected rent, leasing, and renewal. To get a specific quote, please fill out the inquiry form below and let us know how much monthly rent your expect to receive.

Experience: WILMOTH has been in the management and leasing business since 1996.  In the following decades we have learned quite a bit about managing other people’s properties.  We have experienced those unusual events and circumstances and won’t need to learn how to handle them on our client’s dime.

Transparency & Ethics: From the beginning we decided to use our family name on our business to convey trust and responsibility.  We can’t hide from our responsibilities and duties behind some name that does not identify WHO we are!

Local: Our property management and leasing services are provided with local, knowledgeable, WILMOTH employees.  WILMOTH is not a franchise with a national program for managing your uniquely local properties.

Please review the rest of this page to obtain a full understanding of our services and to get a clear understanding of what you can expect when you select our company for your leasing and management needs.  When you are ready to get started, just fill in the form and we will make the next move.  Over 20 years we have learned a lot about how to be the best property management company!  You have my promise we will not settle on that experience, but will always strive to earn your business and never stop improving!

Thank You For Your Consideration,
Joel W. Wilmoth
Founder-WILMOTH Group

Multiple Property Discounts

Offering Significant Savings to portfolio clients. We appreciate clients who decide they want to use WILMOTH for their investing needs and offer multiple property discounts. Learn More

Eviction Protection Guarantee

We want to avoid evictions at all costs. We offer this guarantee as our promise of the care and diligence to be taken with every WILMOTH tenant selection decision. Learn More

Thorough Tenant Screening

One of the best ways to prevent evictions is to not enter into a lease with the wrong tenant. We keep our eviction rates very low by thoroughly reviewing background of all applicants. Learn More

Anytime Reporting

How easy is it for you to monitor the performance of your property? Very! We offer over 20 different reports on-line to allow you to see your investments in many, possibly new, ways. Learn More

Rentals on 70+ Sites

At WILMOTH, we know that our marketing must include signage and word of mouth marketing. Those traditional methods of advertising properties for rent are now in addition to the most powerful method..internet positioning. Learn More

Peace of Mind

WILMOTH is committed to ethical practice toward the public, our clients, their properties and tenants. By daily following the Golden Rule, and the principles of the NARPM Code of Ethics, we commit to the highest standards of professionalism. Learn More

Trusted Vendors and Contractors With No Mark-Up

WILMOTH serves as your advocate to provide maintenance, repairs and renovations at the true market cost. Owner's benefit from our 20 + years of experience and long-term relationships with our vendors and contractors. Learn More

Electronic Payments

At WILMOTH, our tenants pay their rent electronically. This speeds up the processing of your cash by at least three business days! We electronic ACH payments to our owners! Learn More

24-7 Home Protection

Tenants are provided a toll free number to call in case of any after-hours emergencies. This number is answered by trained property managers with detailed instructions as to how to service all tenant emergencies. Learn More

Property Value Creation

WILMOTH will be a factor for the improvements in your gross and net income. We can also make many suggestions of improvements that will help appreciation be maximized. Learn More

Lease Enforcement

We occasionally have to place tenants in our “Behavior Modification” program. This program places a great or good tenant on notice of their lease violation and provides a chance to fix the problem. Bad tenants do not qualify for this program. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Please check out or FAQ's page for more information. 

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