Indianapolis Landlord Registration Renewals-How To Navigate

It may not be surprising to learn that the process for updating and renewing your Indianapolis Landlord Registration is challenging.  We want to provide a guide to assist you.

Notifications- Time To Renew

If you have previously registered your Indianapolis-Marion County property you will receive an email from the city.  It will advise you of the need to renew your Indianapolis landlord registration.  The system has been updated to allow an owner to add a local based property manager and an agent for service of process.

Assuming you own residential property in Indianapolis, you need to register as the owner.  If you have never registered your Indianapolis-Marion County property, you should first read the following in order to better understand this requirement.

Indianapolis-Marion County Landlord Registration Process

The Indianapolis Landlord Registration Website

When beginning the process to register or renew you are directed to the following link.

Indianapolis government- why not invest $15 a year and buy a logical, simple domain name that points landlords to this site?

After clicking this link, you will arrive at the site.   I found the initial screen confusing if all I needed was to renew.

The following gallery of screenshots may save you the frustrating amount of time it took me to figure out how to complete a renewal.   


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