Why Are the Agent Coop Fees Showing as .01%?

Posted by WILMOTH Group on August 8, 2021
Why Are the Agent Coop Fees Showing as .01%?

A HUD offer is a unique offer as the listing agent is not providing an offer of cooperation. There is no actual agent coop fee offered. In the HUD Sales Contract the selling agent contracts with HUD for payment. This payment does not come from the Listing Broker. It does not mean you will not get paid. It means you need to build your payment into your bid understanding the seller, HUD, will pay a maximum 3% or $1250 for listings labeled as “enhanced commissions”.

The MLS/BLC Listing services require an entry in the selling agent cooperative offer. The uniqueness of HUD sales is something that the Boards and their listing partners are aware of and this method of presentation of the cooperative offer has been approved due to the limitations of the systems.

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