WILMOTH Group Management Structure 


Trusting your Indianapolis property to WILMOTH Group means a team of professionals will provide guidance each step of the way. Jennifer Wilmoth, co-owner and broker, explains our management structure. Listen to the audio or read her comments below.

Jennifer: So, how the WILMOTH Group is structured is we’re structured in a team structure, so therefore we have experts within the team for the various duties that need to be performed. So, for instance, we have leasing agents, we have field managers that are out seeing repairs we have marketing, accounting. Instead of having one manager to do all things, we’ve set it up so we have experts to do each of the specific tasks. 

However, then we also have an owner liaison and that owner liaison is 100 percent full-time dedicated to communicating with each of the owners in any of their needs. She can be contacted if she does not know the answer, she will get you the answer, and we will reply to all messages within the same business day unless they’re received after 4 p.m., and then we will to them the next day… unless, of course, it’s an emergency. Ultimately, as well, Joel and I as owners of the company are actively involved in the day-to-day operations, and we are always here to service our owners and be contacted if needed.

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