Why should you know the status of your Indiana property?

Why should you know the status of your Indiana property?

The number one issue that we have with property owners that are coming over to WILMOTH Group – and this could be a new property owner or an investor who has owned their property for years – is not knowing the status of their property.

It’s important in our onboarding process to have all pertinent information. Having an owner provide these items enables us to provide the best guidance and support during the onboarding process.

Unfortunately, many property owners come to WILMOTH Group with a lack of information. This is almost always not due to the owner’s actions but due to the actions of a person or company the owner trusted was correctly managing the property. For example, there may not be complete leases or complete rent ledgers. Frequently nobody knows who holds the security deposit. It becomes our job, in the onboarding process to fix all of these holes and provide the property owner a complete, legally sound, management experience.

Having complete information will speed up the transition to WILMOTH but our goal is to make sure we have a smooth transition no matter how much information the owner may have. WILMOTH will go to work to fix those holes so that, moving forward, the owner can trust there is complete knowledge and documentation of their investment. If the lease is not complete we will get a new lease started immediately.

Success in the onboarding process is dependent on quickly opening communications with our new tenants. We know, if we want to keep the tenant we must make the transition smooth and possibly an improvement of the previous experience of the tenant. To do this we start by simply visiting the property and make sure that the tenant receives a proper introduction in person. We knock on the door and if nobody comes to the door, we’ll leave all of our information to make sure they know how to get started paying rent and reporting problems. We follow this step up with a quick phone call to confirm we have all of the tenant’s contact information.

In our new relationship with a property owner we know you want everything to go smoothly. We go to work quickly to make sure that we are able to smoothly create an experience that the owner and tenant are pleased with.

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