What happens after you sign with WILMOTH Group? – Part 1

What happens after you sign with WILMOTH Group? – Part 1

We are ready on Day 1 to manage your property. Morgan Markham, Owner Liaison and Intake Specialist at WILMOTH Group, details our seamless onboarding process for property owners and their tenants.

Once your property management agreement is signed, we begin the onboarding process, the signed property management agreement comes to an intake team member like myself, and we begin entering all of your information into each of our management systems. This information includes your name, your ownership entities, and as well as all of the details of your properties. One of the main platforms that we use to keep and hold all of our information is Buildium, and you will have access to this as one of our owners. It’s easy to remember how to use this URL because it is called wilmothmanager.com. Once you’re at the login page, you will have the ability to type in your credentials, which will be provided to you during the onboarding process. In that platform, you will be able to view a variety of information, including the details of lease agreements, payments that have been made, charges that have been billed to you, tax information, as well as various reports such as inspection reports. This will allow you to better determine how your rentals are performing within your portfolio. Another platform that we use is called Property Melb. We use this platform to manage all of our maintenance requests and gain approvals.

You will also be given an invitation to this platform during the onboarding process, as this will allow you to track communications for requests for maintenance adjustments, repairs, as well as approvals and completion. We also have an internal database that we use for owners and their properties. This system allows us to keep detailed records of communications that occur with you as well as within your tenants and your properties. This is an internal chat that we use so that all team members are able to effectively coordinate any action items that need to be handled at your rental. This system has already been started when the first time you touch base with our company. Once the property management agreement is signed and returned, we then begin completing notes about each of the properties, any currently existing lease agreements, tenants, as well as other items that we need to track internally. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you through the onboarding process and beyond.

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