What Does it Mean if HUDHomeStore Shows My Bid as Cancelled?

What Does it Mean if HUDHomeStore Shows My Bid as Cancelled?

The offer you submitted on HUDHomeStore.com shows as a cancelled bid under My Bidding History. What does that mean?

It means your offer was not accepted. From this point you need to see if the property has received another accepted offer or if none of the offers received were acceptable and a new bidding period has started.

Is the property still listed on HUDHomeStore.com? If so no offers were accepted and if your buyer desires to resubmit their offer, a new bid will need to be prepared.

If the property is not on HUDHomeStore.com it most likely has a provisionally accepted offer. This means the terms have been accepted and the contract fulfillment is taking place. We will also show these properties as pending in the MLS/BLC and WILMOTHGroup.com. As long as the contract process is proceeding satisfactorily and within terms, the property will not show return to HUDHomeStore.com. If the contract is not completed, we will change the status to Active on the MLS/BLC and WILMOTHGroup.com and the property listing will re-appear on HUDHomeStore.com.

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