The Rental owner statement report shows a summary of ‘money in, money out’ by way of asset (current and fixed), income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a period of time, by rental owner.   To see a sample of this statement to use as you read this article download it now

How To Use The Rental Owner Statement

This is the best summary report for a rental owner to review each month.  In taking time to understand and review this report, an owner will be able to:

  • Track the cash flow of their properties
  • Report liabilities held
  • Determine income and expenses recorded
  • View the amount due to or from the owner
  • Determine when an owner was not paid the correct amount

How To Generate This Report

Save time!  Review your Rental owner statement settings and access this feature from any screen using the shortcuts menu.

Go to the Reports menu in the  Owner Portal.



Click the Rental Owner Statement link.

Click Download report.
Now, if you have not already done so download the sample report to refer to the rest of this article.

Available for payment

Available for payment is how much money a property has to disburse to a rental owner as an owner draw.
Unlike the ending cash balance, cash available for payment does consider a property reserve and liabilities held (ie security deposits or prepaid rent). The total amount of money that can be paid to a rental owner as a draw may be less than the ending cash.
The ending cash balance is how much money a property has to pay expenses.


The rental owner statement runs on a cash basis.

  • The beginning cash balance is the amount owed to/from the rental owner, less tenant liabilities and property reserves, as of the day before the date range of the report. For example, if the report has a date range of July 1 through July 31, then the beginning balance is as of June 30.
  • The beginning balance will represent a number other than $0 if money is held back for a property reserve, there are tenant liabilities (deposits), or if the reporting cycle is different than when rental owner distributions are made. For example, if rental owners are paid on the 14th of each month, a report run from the 1st through the 31st might not show a $0 beginning balance.
(much of this article is adapted from the Buildium support site
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