What to Know About AI and Leasing Operations in Indianapolis

What to Know About AI and Leasing Operations in Indianapolis

Technology evolves fast. The age of VHS movies (“be kind, please rewind”) and dial-up Internet connections seems like yesterday. Today, car manufacturers are ditching the CD player, and businesses thrive on cloud-based software solutions. One rapidly growing field with strong time-saving implications for property managers is artificial intelligence (AI) software–or property management software.

Valued at US $2.3 billion in 2021, the property management software industry is projected to grow–and why not? Indianapolis property managers have much to gain from AI, which makes it possible to: identify high-quality leads, increase conversion rates, and create a better customer experience–all while saving valuable time.

Identify High-Quality Leads in Indianapolis with AI for Leasing Operations

In a perfect world, every lead would result in a closed deal. In reality, not all prospects are equal. Artificial intelligence tools categorize leads, removing hours of frustrating followup with lukewarm prospects for a more productive day, week, and year.

Increase Conversion Rates with Property Management AI

Timely responses are the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity. With Communication AI, it’s possible to provide 24/7 answers using automated responses. Property managers in Indianapolis might use AI to disclose rental information (increasing the amount of qualified leads) and schedule appointments.

Create a Better Customer Experience with Landlords & Renters

Sometimes, clients reach out at less than ideal times with concerns. Property management AI can identify immediate issues (such as a water pipe break) vs less urgent ones. Residents and landlords appreciate this around-the-clock availability. With the hours saved from AI, it’s also possible for property managers in Indianapolis, IN to devote more attention to clients.

There’s no better time to incorporate artificial intelligence into your Indianapolis, IN leasing operations. Property management AI does everything from scheduling maintenance to compiling income statements, resulting in higher productivity and satisfaction from landlords, renters, and potential renters. WILMOTH Group is always looking for new and beneficial ways to use AI in our daily operations. Tools such as Buildium, Tenant Turner, Property Meld, and process automation through LeadSimple are just a few of the tools we are utilizing to improve the owner experience.

Curious about the property management tools we use to help owners and investors in the Indianapolis area? Call WILMOTH Group today at (866) 945-6684.

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