Tips To Rent Your Investment Property Fast In Indianapolis

Tips To Rent Your Investment Property Fast In Indianapolis

Are you looking to rent your investment property fast in Indianapolis? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll go over some tips and tricks that can help you find the right tenant in no time. Additionally, if you’re looking for a reliable property management company in Indianapolis, look no further than WILMOTH Group. You can reach out to us at (866) 945-6684 to learn more about our services.

The Price is Right!

First and foremost, it’s essential to price your property appropriately. If you price it too high, you might scare off potential tenants, while pricing it too low could leave you with a lower return on investment. To determine the right price for your rental property, research comparable properties in the area, take note of the amenities you offer, and consider hiring a property management company like WILMOTH Group to help with market research.

Improve the Curb Appeal

Once you’ve set the right price, it’s time to make your property stand out from the competition. A few cost-effective ways to do this include improving the curb appeal, decluttering the interior, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. You could also offer additional amenities such as a new kitchen appliance or a welcome basket to make the property more attractive to potential tenants.

List Your Rental Property on Multiple Platforms

Another way to make your property more attractive to renters is by making it available on as many platforms as possible. The more exposure your property gets, the more likely it is to be rented out quickly. Here are some popular platforms you can use:


Zillow is one of the most popular real estate websites in the United States. It’s an excellent platform to list your rental property. It has a vast audience of renters looking for properties in various cities, including Indianapolis.


Craigslist is another popular platform for listing rental properties. It’s a great way to target local renters who are specifically looking for rental properties in Indianapolis. is a popular website that lists rental properties across the country. Listing your rental property on this website can help you reach a broader audience of potential tenants.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also be effective in marketing your rental property. You can create a post about your rental property and share it with your followers. You can also create paid ads to target a specific audience in the Indianapolis area.

Screening Potential Tenants

Once you start receiving inquiries about your rental property, it’s essential to screen potential tenants carefully. Tenant screening is critical to finding a reliable tenant who will pay rent on time and take good care of your property.

Here are some things to consider when screening potential tenants:

Credit Score and Financial History

One of the most critical factors to consider when screening potential tenants is their credit score and financial history. A good credit score indicates that the tenant is responsible with their finances and is more likely to pay rent on time. Additionally, it’s essential to look at their income and employment history to ensure they can afford the rent.

Criminal History

It’s also important to conduct a background check on potential tenants to ensure they have no criminal history. This can help protect you and your property from any potential damage or liability.

Previous Rental History

Finally, it’s essential to contact previous landlords and ask about the tenant’s rental history. This can give you an idea of how responsible the tenant was with their previous rental property and whether they paid rent on time.

WILMOTH Group can help you screen potential tenants thoroughly. We conduct a thorough screening process that includes a credit check, criminal background check, and rental history review.

Set Clear Tenant Expectations

It’s also crucial to set clear expectations and guidelines for your tenants. Make sure they understand the lease agreement, including the rent amount, due date, and any late fees. Additionally, let them know what your policies are regarding pets, smoking, and maintenance requests. By setting clear expectations from the beginning, you’ll avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts down the line.

Clear Communication with Tenants

Finally, don’t forget to maintain good communication with your tenants. Be responsive to their questions and concerns, and make sure you’re available to handle any issues that come up. A property management company like WILMOTH Group can help you with this aspect of renting out your property by acting as a liaison between you and your tenants. They can handle maintenance requests, collect rent payments, and handle any other issues that may arise.

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to rent your investment property quickly in Indianapolis. Start by pricing your property appropriately, making it stand out from the competition, and listing it on multiple platforms. Be sure to screen potential tenants carefully, set clear expectations, and maintain good communication with your tenants. If you’re looking for a property management company to help you with these tasks, contact WILMOTH Group at (866) 945-6684. We’re here to help you get the most out of your investment property and make the renting process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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