Owner Managed Repairs with WILMOTH Group

Owner Managed Repairs with WILMOTH Group

Owner managed repairs occur when a rental owner has their own contractors they wish to use on their property. Or when an owner believes they can save money by not using the property manager services. Many property managers forbid owner managed repairs because of the coordination issues and potential liability placed upon the manager with little control over the outcome.

At WILMOTH Group, we believe that owner managed repairs are the right of the property owner. We also know that for these repairs to be successful that there needs to be agreement between the owner and WILMOTH Group as to expectations in the process. The purpose of this article is to provide our requested list of items to keep in mind when an owner decides to repair their own property.

Rent-Ready Repairs

Rent-ready is a common term in the rental business. It refers to the condition of a rental being ready to be rented. The repairs required, in our case, are based on the WILMOTH Standards of Habitability that are a part of all management agreements. These standards are an accumulation of items we have learned are considered by tenants, and health officials, as necessary in a local rental home.

The following is a checklist for owners to make sure have been reviewed and completed.

  • Re-lamp house = replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Make sure home has at least 2 working smoke detectors with fresh batteries and one carbon monoxide detector.
  • Sales clean entire house including appliances
  • Clean gutters (if needed)
  • Replace damaged/Missing screens
  • Replace all damaged/missing blinds
  • Replace any missing outlet and switch covers
  • Replace any missing light fixture covers
  • Caulk all wet areas where needed
  • Seal under kitchen sink if water damaged
  • Clean Fan blades or fan covers
  • Replace any missing closet rods/shelves
  • Winterize Property (if completion lies between 11/1-2/28)
  • Ensure all walls and floors are easily cleanable
  • Test all mechanicals and appliances to make sure they work properly
  • Replace furnace filter
  • Ensure property is clean of any pests such as rodents and insects
  • Repair any damaged drywall

Move-In Checklist

The following are expected to be completed in a owner managed repairs scenario.

  • Clean property thoroughly
  • Check to ensure pilots on appliances are on and working
  • De-winterize property if previously winterized
  • Make sure there is a working range (oven/stove) and fridge
  • Check all windows and doors to ensure they properly open/close and secure

The above is the checklist we use internally for each rental we manage. We do believe in owner managed repairs but we also believe the same standards should exist whether completed by the owner or WILMOTH Group. Sometimes we find many of the above items neglected when the owner managed repairs are reported as completed.

If you are contemplating owner managed repairs, please determine how the above quality control and standards will be completed. In that way a great tenant can be located for your rental in the timely fashion expected.

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