New Dashboard Illustrates Indiana Housing Inventory

New Dashboard Illustrates Indiana Housing Inventory

A growing workforce in Indiana presents an opportunity for landlords to review their offerings and locate new investment properties in Indianapolis and state-wide. Using the Indiana Housing Dashboard, developed by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and the Housing Working Group, it’s possible to analyze demographics and trends by county–finding investment properties in the Indianapolis area while ensuring both competitiveness and affordability.

The Indiana Housing Dashboard is a valuable resource for property owners interested in reevaluating rental prices, purchasing new investment properties, and locating communities ripe for build-to-rent homes.

Determine Rental Rates: Use the dashboard to view the median household income per county and the median rent by year. Understand whether you’re under, over, or competitive in rental rates. Consider partnering with economic assistance programs to provide eligible renters with emergency monetary assistance for covering rent, mitigating risk for cost-burdened households.

Purchase More Units / Invest in New Construction: Explore the median salary by county, and identify rental housing gaps by income. The Indiana Housing Dashboard includes the ability to “view the number of households in each income group” and compare this data to the “existing housing units that are affordable to those households.” Use the tool to discover areas in need of housing, and plan the expansion of your Indianapolis investment property portfolio.

Other information shown by the dashboard includes:

  • Homeowner vs Renter-occupied Units
  • Median Listing Price
  • Median Rent
  • Top Employers per County
  • Total Population
  • Types of Housing Units

Datasets are connected to their sources to ensure accuracy. At WILMOTH Group, we manage investment properties in Indianapolis and surrounding communities. Our property management services allow you to focus on acquiring Indianapolis investment properties without worrying about rent collection and maintenance of current ones, whether you have one property or multiple.

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