Is a HUD Home Available for My Buyer?

Is a HUD home available for your buyer?  You can easily find out by reviewing the following information.

Most HUD homes have an exclusive period for owner occupants that lasts 30 days (UPDATE: As of mid-2014 this period has changed to 15 days).  The exception are the properties with uninsured status.  These have a five day exclusive period.  The way to know if your buyer qualifies is to look at the listing at and see the Eligible Bidders category for the listing.  This will identify whether the property is in the exclusive period or if it has been opened to all bidders.  Then look at the Period Deadline date to see when the last day of the exclusive period will be.

Here is a screen shot from HUDHomestore.   Please use this easy method to determine if a HUD home will work for your buyer type.  You can click on the image in order to see a full size view.

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