2022 Indianapolis Multifamily Trends – Calm and Sustainable

2022 Indianapolis Multifamily Trends - Calm and Sustainable

Invest in the trendiest multifamily homes in Indianapolis by learning what tenants want from multifamily properties in 2022. Find sustainable homes that match.

Interior design trends emerge, disappear, reemerge, and evolve over time. Shag carpets and conversation pits call back to the 70s, while glass mirrors and geometric shapes define the 80s. Every decade has its tale to tell, representing not only public tastes but the technology and politics of the period. 

Real estate investors and landlords in Indianapolis must adapt the trends of today to claim relevance among the masses (and attract potential tenants). If you’re in the multifamily real estate space, you need attractive properties that appeal to tenants at a favorable price point.

At WILMOTH Group, we stay on top of the latest trends to keep our real estate portfolio full of strong investment properties, and we provide property management services, including multifamily home upgrades. 

Here are the latest multifamily trends you should incorporate in your Indianapolis investment property.

Multifamily Interior: Colors, Furniture, and Plant Life

Today’s tenants favor a “calm and sustainable” multifamily home, an understandable response to the tumultuous years preceding (and continuing through) 2022. Trends in multifamily interior design include earth and sky colors; sustainably sourced furniture; and indoor conservatories.

1). Natural Colors:

It’s  ironic, but the hottest colors for multifamily properties in 2022 are warm at best. Natural earth and sky tones win the year. Green shades, such as olive and moss, are popular picks. Michelle Lamb, Editorial director at The Trend Curve, explains why natural colors are trending: “Research shows that natural color schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier.” It’s sensible for these colors to resonate with renters and become celebrities in 2022 color trends for multifamily homes.

2). Sustainable Furnishings & Furniture:

Humankind is conscious of waste and eager to find solutions that prevent or reduce damage to the environment. It’s no surprise for sustainable furnishings and eco-friendly furniture to gain popularity with renters eager to be part of the solution. Consider implementing natural wood, bamboo, stone, and other sustainably sourced materials in your investment property. When decorating, add upcycled accents and paintings from local artists. 

In addition to eco-friendly furniture solutions, give your multifamily investment properties soft and curvy furniture that matches the 2022 calm aesthetic. Choose sofas with curved backs with round tables and tables with waterfall edges.At WILMOTH Group, we know where to source sustainable furniture that matches the 2022 tenant’s inclinations toward nature. If you need assistance with locating furniture for your multifamily investment property, contact us.

3). Conservatories and Plants:

Indoor plants improve productivity by 15% while serving as a mood boost, so it’s no surprise to see greenery trend for 2022 Indianapolis multifamily home renters. Conservatories delight tenants and add a splash of green and color to properties. If an investment property doesn’t include a conservatory, consider how you might add indoor trees, plants, and terrarium tables to liven up the home.

Multifamily Interior: Space & Opportunity

Although remote work is projected to grow to 70% by 2025, there remains a large portion of the population back at the office (or in careers incapable of remote service). An alternative to creating (or foregoing) home offices is to provide more space for customization. Multifamily homes with cozy nooks provide the perfect space for remote workers, while larger larger spaces provide opportunities for family time, virtual reality games, meditation, or podcast creation. The ability to create one’s ideal space is popular. “All of a sudden, creation is a huge trend in multifamily amenity spaces,” Brooke Collins, a regional manager for Builders Design, states. She explains how “It’s being driven by the Gen Z demographic and younger millennials.” 

Multifamily Interior and Exterior: Fitness, Wellness & Convenience

Millenials and Gen Z aren’t the only multifamily renters in Indianapolis. Richard Gollis, founding principal of The Concord Group, states “The 35 to 50 age group is a market that’s changing over time, and they will be working their way through as the dominant factor in our housing market.” The good news? Preparing to meet the needs of diverse age groups might not be difficult. The 55+ category is looking for many of the same conveniences as younger generations. All value wellness, fitness, and community–traits of WILMOTH Group multifamily investment homes. Attractions include: nearby cafes, retail shops, biking paths, dog parks, and grocery stores that deliver. 

Looking to Invest in Indianapolis Multifamily Homes in 2022?

2022 multifamily homes should foster a closer connection to nature while improving health and wellbeing. Tenants desire more space, with colors that inspire. Rooms need to provide the perfect retreat after a busy day away from home, or a busy day inside with remote work.

While trends come and go over time, it’s possible many of today’s multifamily trends will stay and evolve. At WILMOTH Group, we believe a higher level of sustainability and a desire for a healthier lifestyle and mindset will continue to resonate with the public. Many of our multifamily homes incorporate 2022 trends.

If you’re a real estate investor looking for multifamily properties in Indianapolis for purchase, contact WILMOTH Group at (866) 945-6684.

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